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Zoomlion agricultural machinery took the lead in moving towards high-end

on October 26, 2015 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition was officially opened in Jimo, Qingdao. Zoomlion unveiled its full mechanized solutions for the production of rice, corn, wheat, rape and other major crops

integrate global agricultural machinery resources and take the lead in moving towards high-end

at this exhibition, Zoomlion intercontinental platform product zs1354 tractor was launched globally, marking the official launch of the first high-end agricultural machinery product jointly launched by Zoomlion agricultural machinery, which integrates global resources and synchronizes global technology

Zoomlion exhibition area one corner

"Zoomlion cooperates with a number of world-class high-end parts suppliers to carry out all-round cooperation in the R & D and manufacturing fields of engine, gearbox, transmission system, hydraulic system and other parts, hoping to serve the cause of China's agricultural mechanization with world-class leading technology, seize the voice of international agricultural machinery for China's high-end independent agricultural machinery brands, and provide world-class products to enter the international market." Zoomlion agricultural machinery R & D director told

at the launch ceremony of Zoomlion zs1354 tractor, the guest representatives jointly unveiled its mystery

it is understood that Zoomlion agricultural machinery has set up agricultural machinery research institutes in the United States and Europe, and cooperated with large domestic R & D and manufacturing bases such as Changsha and Wuhu, so that the R & D concept of high-end agricultural machinery in Europe and the United States can be perfectly integrated with domestic agricultural production needs. At the same time, Zoomlion has signed the final strategic cooperation agreement with ZF, Cheng Huiming, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a researcher of the Institute of Metal Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Zoomlion has achieved phased results in its strategy of integrating global resources and building a world-class agricultural machinery industry chain and high-end agricultural equipment product platform

Kong Liang, deputy inspector of the Department of agricultural mechanization of the Ministry of agriculture, has a detailed understanding of the technical selling points of zs1354 tractor

in the future, Zoomlion will adhere to the synchronization of the world's leading technology, global research and development, global procurement, global sales, and serve global customers

on site users are eager to understand that Zoomlion intercontinental platform Tractor Products

full mechanization is the driving force of modern agricultural development

in order to promote the transformation of agricultural development mode and accelerate the process of agricultural modernization, the Ministry of Agriculture recently issued the "opinions on carrying out full mechanization promotion action of major crop production", and deployed the full mechanization promotion action of major crop production across the country

as a large domestic agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprise, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has been fully mechanized in the production field of major crops in the first test site in China as early as three years ago. At present, it has become the most mature solution service provider in the industry, which can meet the production needs of major links such as tillage, planting, plant protection, harvesting, straw treatment, drying of rice, corn, wheat, rape and other crops, including seedling line, direct seeding machine Rice transplanter, spray machine, subsoiling plough, laser grader, tractor, plant protection aircraft, grain combine harvester, silage machine, baler, dryer and other products

it is understood that Zoomlion has now established a number of Zoomlion demonstration farms in Henan, Hunan, Anhui and other places, actively exploring new models of agricultural machinery and agronomy integration under the background of land intensification, and providing new ideas for the development of large-scale modern farms in China

Li Weiguo, director of the Department of agricultural mechanization of the Ministry of agriculture, inspected the exhibition area of the full mechanization solution for Zoomlion's crop production

smart agriculture is an important direction for the future of the agricultural machinery industry

at the third session of the 12th National People's Congress, Premier Li Keqiang put forward the "Internet +" action plan for the first time in the government work report, so that the Internet can be deeply integrated with traditional industries and create a new development ecosystem. Zoomlion agricultural machinery has begun to develop the technology research and application of agricultural information digitization, agricultural production automation and intelligent agricultural management based on "Internet +", so as to realize the upgrading of technology and services to avoid iron tools soaking in electrolytes for a long time, and make more contributions to agricultural production in the future

Zoomlion has been a pioneer in the development of "smart agriculture" in China's agricultural machinery and equipment industry by integrating global technical resources, integrating the characteristics of China's agronomy and agricultural conditions, developing and promoting "smart agriculture" equipment and solutions with Chinese characteristics

Zoomlion smart agriculture integrates geographic information system, global positioning system, sensing technology, remote sensing technology, communication technology, IOT technology and computer automatic control technology into the field of agricultural production, so as to achieve precision planting, visual management and intelligent decision-making in agricultural production

Guwang 12pj-300 laser grader integrates satellite leveling, automatic navigation and other functions.

it is understood that Zoomlion intelligent agriculture integrated solution runs through the whole process of agricultural production, including planning, sowing, fertilization, protection, monitoring, harvesting and other major links. Geographic information technology can be used to complete the collection of soil, temperature, fertility and other related agricultural data and establish a basic database to support data analysis and system decision-making. Through software, more scientific agricultural production planning and resource allocation, area measurement, yield evaluation, yield analysis map generation and other data can provide decision support for the planting and production plan of the next season

the Sudanese Minister of agriculture and his delegation came to the Zoomlion exhibition area to learn more about smart agriculture solutions

according to the head of Zoomlion smart agriculture, the application of new technologies will change the domestic traditional agricultural production and operation mode and improve production efficiency and profitability. At present, Europe, America, Japan and South Korea have begun smart agricultural production, which will also become an important direction for the development of modern agriculture in China in the future

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