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Zoomlion builds a new picture of industrial interconnection zhongkeyun Valley officially settled in Shanghai Lingang

Zoomlion builds a new picture of industrial interconnection zhongkeyun Valley officially settled in Shanghai Lingang

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on September, "2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference" was held grandly on the West Bank of Shanghai. This conference was organized by the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national Internet Information Office Hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of engineering and the Shanghai Municipal People's government, it has created a world-class AI cooperation and exchange platform to address common problems faced by human development, create a better life for mankind, contribute to the "China plan" and gather "world wisdom"

△ signing ceremony site

at the branch of the "2018 unmanned system and intelligent manufacturing Summit Forum" held on September 18, Zhongke Yungu, an industrial interconnection high-tech company established by Zoomlion, a leading domestic equipment manufacturing enterprise, held a signing ceremony with Shanghai Lingang district development and Construction Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Lingang Management Committee) and Lingang science and Technology City, officially announcing its settlement in Lingang, Jointly move towards a new chapter and a new future of China's industrial interconnection

rooted in the era, run-up industrial upgrading at a new starting point

since the call of the State Council for the development plan of a new generation of artificial intelligence was issued, Zoomlion has firmly implemented the innovation driven development strategy, continued to further promote transformation and upgrading, intelligent manufacturing development, helped promote the construction of a strong manufacturing country, and at the same time, built Zoomlion cloud valley. Based on emerging digital technologies such as cloud computing, IOT, big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain, Zhongke cloud Valley is positioned as an industrial Internet high-tech company to empower traditional industrial fields and drive the transformation of traditional business models

△ Wang Xiaodong, CEO of Zhongke cloud Valley, attended the relevant theme activities of the conference

Shanghai Lingang, which Zhongke cloud Valley announced to be settled, is a national economic development zone launched by the Shanghai municipal Party committee and government in 2004, actively building an international intelligent manufacturing center and a national demonstration zone of "made in China 2025", Using low-cost technology to improve the performance of plastic packaging materials is an important bearing area for Shanghai to build a science and technology innovation center with global influence in the future

"Zoomlion cloud Valley, under Zoomlion, is the Pearl in the fertile soil, carrying the important mission of promoting the development of China's industrial interconnection, which many experts at home and abroad believe is" Arabian Nights. " Shanghai Lingang Management Committee believes that relying on its own products, Shandong Sida high-tech, as a professional experimental machine manufacturer, will answer your questions one by one. With the great exploration and the strong technical accumulation of Zoomlion, Zhongke Yungu will continue to increase its core competitiveness and become the backbone to promote the transformation of made in China from big to strong

Wang Xiaodong, CEO of Zhongke cloud Valley, said that after settling in Shanghai Lingang, Zhongke cloud Valley plans to continue to invest in the research and development and application of industrial interconnection technology, build a national industrial interconnection platform with cross industry and integration of industry and finance, grow into a leading industrial interconnection Unicorn company in the world, and help upgrade the industry

leading the times, Zhongke cloud Valley is deeply engaged in industrial interconnection.

in addition to Zoomlion, the management team members of Zhongke cloud valley also include executives, professors, technology and operation talents from the world's top technology companies, well-known universities and large central enterprises. It is one of the first teams to carry out IOT application research and practice in the construction machinery industry, with a deep industrial background Rich experience in industrial interconnection platforms and applications, and a global industrial interconnection vision

based on the exploration and accumulation of Zoomlion for more than ten years, at present, the industrial interconnection platform of Zoomlion cloud Valley has connected more than 200000 sets of equipment assets with a value of 100 billion, collected more than 9000 data parameters, and the stock data has reached Pb level. It has torque gates, financial institutions, equipment users Maintenance service providers have the ability to provide multi-level industrial interconnection value services such as equipment connection, industrial interconnection platform, big data analysis, micro service application app, etc

"adhering to the path of scientific and technological innovation, we have achieved a number of landmark achievements with forward-looking significance, and will firmly grasp the technological advantages and industry trends to stimulate the potential and excellence of industrial interconnection." Zhongke cloud Valley is full of confidence in the development of the company

in the future, with application scenarios as the core, Zhongke cloud valley will focus on intelligent manufacturing, intelligent agriculture, intelligent city, industrial finance and other key fields, provide customers with independent and leading vertical industrial interconnection platforms and solutions, and solve the key pain points in typical business scenarios such as enterprise operation, government supervision, urban construction, agricultural planting, emergency relief through big data analysis and industrial apps, Realize real customer value and help customers restructure and innovate business models

experts said that industrial interconnection has strong permeability. In addition to upgrading the manufacturing industry, it can also be expanded into an essential infrastructure for networking and intelligent upgrading in various industrial fields. At the same time, it can promote the evolution and upgrading of network infrastructure and promote the leap of network applications from virtual to physical, from life to production. China Science and technology cloud valley will also play an important role in promoting industrial interconnection, providing important support for ensuring and improving people's livelihood, and providing new opportunities for the construction of a network power

Chunyan nurtured and promoted Zoomlion's in-depth digital transformation

Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, is a global equipment manufacturing enterprise, mainly engaged in the R & D and manufacturing of high-tech equipment such as engineering machinery and agricultural machinery. It has successively listed in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. It is the first a+h-share listed company in the industry, with an operating revenue of 23.273 billion in 2017

at present, Zoomlion is actively promoting the transformation and upgrading of "equipment manufacturing + interconnection". With 4.0 intelligent products as the carrier, Zoomlion connects equipment, enterprises and customers through IOT, big data, mobile interconnection, deep integration of sensing, interconnection and other technologies, and constantly explores innovative business models

in 2018, Zoomlion continued to promote the optimization and listing of intelligent 4.0 products. In the first half of the year alone, it developed nine 4.0 intelligent construction machinery products. Ztc251 and ztc800 intelligent truck cranes are equipped with big data and single machine intelligent technology. Remote fault diagnosis and equipment management are integrated into app, realizing safe, accurate and efficient construction, which is well received by the market

in addition, the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with Professor Wu Enda's AI company marks Zoomlion's high starting point into the field of AI technology, becoming the first AI agricultural equipment manufacturing enterprise in China, providing new momentum for transformation and upgrading

as an important play, the creation of Zoomlion cloud Valley, while inheriting and developing Zoomlion's high-quality gene of industrial interconnection, has improved Zoomlion's leading advantage in the field of industrial interconnection, and will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of Zoomlion from an "equipment manufacturer" to a "manufacturing service-oriented enterprise"

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