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Zoomlion high-altitude work machinery unveiled at 2018 Shanghai BMW exhibition

Zoomlion high-altitude work machinery unveiled at 2018 Shanghai BMW exhibition

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on November 27, 2018 Bauma China (Shanghai BMW exhibition) opened grandly at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Zoomlion high-altitude work machinery came on stage with five star products, and signed a contract of 65 million, ushering in a "good start" for the first show of Zoomlion high-altitude work machinery at the world's top engineering machinery industry event

Zoomlion aerial work machinery product launch

the five high-end intelligent new aerial work machinery products that appear in the exhibition include scissor aerial 1. This investment will give our customers and viggs opportunities to grow. The work platforms zs0808hd (lithium battery), zs1012dc, zs1212hd, straight arm aerial work platform zt26j and curved arm aerial work platform za14j are the masterpieces of the ingenuity of Zoomlion aerial work machinery. These new products have all applied modern sensing technology and IOT technology, added artificial intelligence "brain" to aerial work machinery, and realized intelligent fault alarm and diagnosis through remote management platform, app, equipment self-control system and other ways; The complete sensing system can provide accurate safety warnings of overload, inclination, potholes and so on, and effectively improve the convenience and safety of mechanical operation. Many of the main technical indicators of the products have reached the industry-leading level, and all meet the requirements of European, American and national standards

zs0808 (LI), zs1012dc, zs1212hd scissor type aerial work platform

the scissor products on display this time cover three series: hydraulic, electric drive and lithium battery. The platform has a height of 6 to 12 meters and a maximum load of 350 kg. It can be widely used in building construction, plant construction, house decoration and maintenance, etc. The overall center of gravity of the product is low, the lateral deflection is small, and the operation stability is excellent. It adopts battery power, which is green and environmental protection, and its endurance capacity is more than 10% higher than that of its peers. Zoomlion's cutting fork products have passed the relevant international certification and fully meet the global market demand

zt26j straight arm aerial work platform

26 meter straight arm products have industry-leading 300kg/454kg bearing capacity. The developed intelligent control technology of boom has reached the industry-leading level in micro motion control; The industry-leading dynamic leveling technology and load sensing technology, together with 17 safety protection technologies, ensure the safety of operation; The leasing operation + equipment monitoring integrated management platform based on IOT can realize equipment fault diagnosis, power on self-test, maintenance reminder, and simple and efficient fleet operation and management

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curved arm aerial work platform

za14j curved arm aerial work platform is the first ultra large load 14 meter curved arm product in China, with a bearing capacity more than 30% higher than that of the industry. It adopts a four-wheel drive off-road chassis, with a maximum climbing gradient of 45%, meeting the needs of complex working conditions. Intelligent action start stop control and limit position speed control, simpler operation, compact folding boom, turntable zero tail pendulum design, suitable for narrow space. Intelligent maintenance, fault diagnosis of more than 200 items, power on self-test, maintenance reminder, equipped with leasing operation + equipment monitoring and management platform, the fleet operation and management is simpler

as a leading enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, Zoomlion focuses on the construction machinery sector, layout intelligent manufacturing, and spare no effort to expand emerging business areas. With the production of the intelligent factory of aerial work machinery, Zoomlion has fully entered the R & D and manufacturing of aerial work machinery and equipment, creating a high-end brand in the industry and leading the future development direction of "intelligent manufacturing". Zoomlion aerial work machinery will create greater value for customers with its ultimate products and services, and work together to write a colorful chapter in the field of aerial work machinery

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