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Zoomlion agricultural machinery project was selected into the national key R & D plan of the 13th five year plan

Zoomlion agricultural machinery project was selected into the national key R & D plan of the 13th five year plan

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recently, the Ministry of science and technology released the national key R & D plan of the 13th five year plan, covering key R & D tasks in fields such as supporting the development of modern agriculture with broad prospects. Among them, three "intelligent agricultural machinery equipment" projects led and participated by Zoomlion have been officially approved by the Ministry of science and technology, which will help improve the level of China's agricultural equipment science and technology in K 2016 exhibition

it is understood that, led by Zoomlion, 11 units including Zhejiang University, Hefei University of technology and Guangxi Yuchai jointly participated in the project of "development of paddy field tractor walking drive technology and complete machine"; Led by the Chinese Academy of agricultural machinery, the projects of "research and development of corn combine harvesting technology and intelligent equipment" and "research and development of multifunctional harvesting technology and equipment of sugarcane and sugar beet" that Zoomlion participated in the application were approved by the Ministry of science and technology. These projects are deeply studied and scientifically demonstrated by authoritative experts, and are key topics based on the improvement of China's intelligent agricultural equipment level and the development needs of agricultural modernization

nowadays, China has become the world's largest country in the production and use of agricultural equipment, but domestic agricultural equipment is still dominated by medium and low-end products. With the "made in China 2025" putting the agricultural machinery equipment production company, which has been producing and supplying spring testing machines, spring change testing machines, and spring tension and compression testing machines for many years, into the top ten key development areas, Chinese agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises have ushered in innovation driven, intelligent transformation, green development Strategic opportunities for value-added services

in recent years, Zoomlion has continuously strengthened scientific and technological innovation, integrated global high-end resources, promoted the integration of mechanical equipment and technologies such as intelligence, informatization, energy conservation and environmental protection, and launched a series of new products for the cultivation, planting, plant protection, harvesting, straw treatment, drying and other links of major grain crops and cash crops, It provides high-end equipment support for the development of agricultural modernization

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