The hottest Zoomlion brand is worth 421.9 billion

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Zoomlion: the brand value is 4.219 billion yuan

Guide: the rapidly growing independent brands published the 2007 "China's 500 most valuable brands" ranking exclusively compiled by world brand lab at the 2007 China Brand Summit jointly hosted by world brand lab and World Manager weekly to meet any requirements. Zoomlion ranked 4

self owned brands with rapid growth

at the 2007 China Brand Summit jointly hosted by the world brand laboratory and World Manager weekly, the 2007 ranking of China's 500 most valuable brands exclusively compiled by the world brand laboratory was published. With a brand value of 4.219 billion yuan, Zoomlion jumped from 193 in 2005 to 148, with a brand value increase of nearly 30%

the 2007 ranking of China's 500 most valuable brands is the fourth comprehensive evaluation of Chinese brands conducted by the world brand laboratory. The world brand laboratory is an international and professional brand research institution. It is chaired by Professor Robert Mundell, the winner of the Nobel Prize in economics in 1999 and the father of the euro. Experts and consultants from Harvard University, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of technology, Oxford University, Cambridge University and other top universities in the world adjust according to the above methods. Its selection results are objective, scientific and highly authoritative

according to China Construction Machinery Information (), in recent years, the "Zoomlion" brand has won the titles of "China famous brand", "China famous trademark" and so on; On December 3, 2007, it was officially announced that its brands would be integrated into the "Zoomlion" brand. After 15 years of development, Zoomlion has proudly stood in the forefront of the global equipment manufacturing industry, becoming the most influential brand in China's construction machinery industry and one of the most valuable brands in China, especially in the fields of hoisting machinery, concrete machinery, sanitation machinery and many other fields, Zoomlion has reportedly become a synonym for first-line brands. In the past few years, Zoomlion brand has won the favor of agents and users in China and around the world with its strength, quality and service

in the future, Zoomlion will continue to adhere to the core concept of "sincere and long-term", and strive to build an independent brand with international competitiveness, so as to integrate into the international competition cycle and realize the leap from a national brand to an international brand

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