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Zoomlion agricultural machinery shine 2016 national spring meeting

Zoomlion agricultural machinery shine 2016 national spring meeting

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on March 10, 2016 national agricultural machinery and parts exhibition was grandly opened in Zhengzhou. As a service provider of full mechanization solutions for agricultural production, Zoomlion, with its two brands of "Guwang" and "gengwang", unveiled 15 new agricultural equipment products, which comprehensively demonstrated the ingenuity, quality and enterprising pursuit of Zoomlion in the field of agricultural machinery, and became the focus of attention at the exhibition site

Zoomlion appeared at the 2016 national agricultural machinery and parts exhibition

to gather strength and cultivate new agricultural business entities

in recent years, with the aging and loss of rural labor, the development of China's agricultural modernization is facing great challenges. As the main group of modern agricultural promotion practice, young farmers are unwilling to farm, unable to farm, and have no deep feelings for land

in order to alleviate the shortage of new professional farmers and inherit the mission of agricultural modernization development, Zoomlion carefully planned and organized the national professional farmers "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" competition, which was launched on the opening day of the exhibition

this activity aims to tap the entrepreneurial stories and innovation abilities of young farmers, cooperatives, family farms and other new agricultural business entities, encourage and influence more young people to take over the "baton" from the older generation, establish a career plan to become a new professional farmer, inherit the agricultural mission, participate in the cause of agricultural machinery, and help the development of China's agricultural modernization by promoting models and building models

At the launching ceremony, Deng Baolin, chairman of Baolin agricultural machinery cooperative in Woyang County, said that as an old user of Zoomlion agricultural machinery products, he has deeply felt the benefits of the development of Agricultural Mechanization in the past few years. The holding of the national professional farmers' innovation competition has provided a good platform for cooperatives and agricultural mechanization operators across the country, not only to participate in the players, but also to make more agricultural mechanization operators become rich through innovation and entrepreneurship, thus boosting the development of China's agricultural machinery and agriculture

condense ingenuity and promote the mechanization of the whole process of agricultural production

2016 is the beginning year of the 13th five year plan, and it is also the key year of "made in China 2025" and the development of agricultural modernization. Innovation and transformation is one of the core elements of the country's "supply side reform in the past two or three years, more and more enterprises have invested in lithium resources in Australia, Africa, South America and other places", and it also provides ideas and directions for the transformation and upgrading of China's agricultural equipment industry

in 2016, under the guidance of the business strategy of "service provider of full process mechanization solutions for agricultural production", Zoomlion will pursue the "craftsman spirit" of excellence, perfection and scientific innovation, and constantly improve the quality and value of agricultural machinery products

among the 15 new products unveiled at this exhibition, they not only include tractors, harvesters, silages, dryers and other fully mechanized products tailored for the Central Plains region, but also launched a number of new agricultural machines with high efficiency, low consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection that meet the requirements of the national deep tillage and subsoiling, direct corn grain harvest, industrial supply side reform and other policies. They are transparent, soft and non-toxic

users have a detailed understanding of the continuous emergence of agricultural and new materials tailored by Zoomlion for the Central Plains region

"As a loyal user of Guwang wheat machine, the new product of Guwang tb60 Ⅲ wheat machine launched by Zoomlion this year has once again surprised us. Although it is already a very mature and reliable product, we can see the continuous innovation and improvement of Guwang wheat machine at the spring meeting every year, which also makes us sincerely believe that it is a necessary experimental testing equipment for construction, building materials, roads and bridges and other engineering units. ”Zhangquanyou, the president of the agricultural machinery cooperative in Kaifeng, Henan Province, said that their cross regional operation team will buy several new upgraded 2016 Guwang wheat machines this year, "This summer, we will rely on Gu Wang to make a lot of money! "Zhang Quanyou said excitedly.

with the in-depth promotion of the national agricultural modernization, it has also brought great opportunities to the agricultural equipment industry. In 2016, Zoomlion will build a three-dimensional competitive advantage, take the craftsman spirit as the guide, do a good job in products, services and brands, build a coevolutionary industrial chain with ecological thinking, and promote the development of modern agricultural elements such as the cultivation of new professional farmers, intelligent agricultural machinery products and perfect service system Development, excavate and expand the value of the industry through innovation driven and integration of resources, and finally improve the competitiveness of China's agricultural equipment industry and the level of agricultural modernization

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