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Zoomlion "Aurora green" high-end intelligent harvesters, the green landscape of golden wheat fields

with the large-scale deployment of summer grain harvest across the country, Zoomlion agricultural machinery held a three summer service launch ceremony a few days ago, and a large number of Zoomlion "Aurora green" high-end intelligent harvesters rushed to the main battlefields of summer harvest across the country to help wheat "harvest", and their excellent performance was highly recognized by customers, Become a golden wheat field

with the large-scale expansion of the national summer grain harvest, Zoomlion agricultural machinery held a three summer service departure ceremony a few days ago, and a large number of Zoomlion "Aurora green" high-end intelligent harvesters rushed to the main battlefield of the national summer harvest to help the wheat "harvest". Its excellent performance was highly recognized by customers and became a beautiful green landscape in the golden wheat field

△ CCTV live room reported that Zoomlion intelligent equipment helped improve the efficiency and increase the income of high-standard farmland

according to the CCTV live room summer harvest report screen, in the 10000 mu high-standard farmland in Xiping County, Henan Province, 10 Zoomlion artificial intelligence harvesters shuttle in the wheat field; In Anhui, Zoomlion Valley Wang Aurora tb80b wheat harvester took the lead in rapid harvest, followed by baler throughput "BRICs", tractor tillage and summer seeds were seamlessly connected, and Zoomlion agricultural machinery helped the main summer grain production areas across the country to achieve green and efficient harvest

△ Zoomlion's artificial intelligence wheat machine is in operation

△ Zoomlion's harvester and straw baler provide an overall solution for the summer wheat harvest.

according to the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion, the new agricultural machinery equipment of Zoomlion, which serves the summer harvest nationwide, has been greatly improved. A remarkable feature is the help of artificial intelligence, which identifies the state of crops by adding sensors, It can automatically set parameters and optimize operation, which not only reduces the operation difficulty of the harvester and the labor intensity of the driver, but also greatly improves the operation efficiency, with higher harvest, lower impurity content and lower loss rate, helping farmers improve the quality and yield of wheat harvest. Compared with traditional agricultural machinery, the average income per mu can be increased by nearly 100 Jin

in the face of the new situation this year, Zoomlion has actively responded to the national call to innovate the socialized agricultural service mode, relying on the full mechanized series of agricultural production and the information management platform of agricultural services, integrating relevant resources to establish a new agricultural service center, promoting platform based operation and enterprise based management, improving the socialization of agricultural machinery, and Comprehensively Strengthening the organizational and large-scale service level of research and development, Drive the development of agricultural production and management entities, promote the appropriate scale of land management and standardized production, and form a more professional one-stop agricultural service

at the same time, Zoomlion has contributed to winning the battle against poverty by training the labor skills of the poor and increasing the income of migrant workers who have transferred employment. At this expedition ceremony, the first batch of 60 agricultural service robots from all over Henan officially embarked on the wheat harvest service journey. Master Si, from Shangcai County, Zhumadian, said, "thanks to the Zhonglian Agricultural Service Center for providing me with employment opportunities. Now I not only master the vocational skills such as agricultural machinery driving, but also don't have to worry about my work. The service center directly sends orders to work, and now my income is much higher than when I go out to work!"

△ Zoomlion agricultural service team helps the storage of summer grain particles

in order to improve the efficiency and quality of wheat harvest service in Sanxia, Zoomlion agricultural machinery adheres to the service tenet of "everything is customer-centered", and around the principle of "fast response, fast arrival and fast disposal", it launched the "521" special service policy, by increasing the guarantee of personnel, vehicles, accessories, informatization and other means, The "five minute response, two hour arrival, one-time solution" has been realized, and the problems reported by customers have been quickly handled, which has won extensive praise from customers. The customer said that Zoomlion has specially designed an oil cooler and a cooling water tower for this hydraulic source (users do not need to provide their own chiller). The heavy industry harvester has fresh colors, comfortable driving, clean harvesting, and fast replacement. In particular, the after-sales service is needless to say, it is comfortable and reassuring to use

it is understood that Zoomlion agricultural machinery has increased the investment and application of information technology such as IOT this year, promoted the comprehensive upgrading and operation of the intelligent agricultural machinery information service center, shared the geographical location, operation status and other data of agricultural machinery equipment to the full media interaction center in real time, monitored the operation location, path, no matter what the working condition of the instrument and other information of agricultural machinery in real time, and achieved remote fault diagnosis, one click repair and other services. During the summer vacation, service personnel can monitor the migration trajectory of agricultural machinery equipment through the platform, deploy accessories and service forces in advance, provide users with more active after-sales service, and help summer grain particles return to the warehouse

experts said that in the large-scale mechanized application of harvest in summer this year, Zoomlion agricultural machinery, with its outstanding intelligent advantages, performance advantages and service advantages, has become a bright new force in the summer harvest battlefield and has been widely favored by the market. It is believed that Zoomlion will play an increasingly benchmarking and milestone role in promoting the green and high-end transformation of China's agricultural machinery and equipment with the same innovation and persistence

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