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Conlon group brings the latest PU production technology to the 2013k exhibition

the Italian Conlon group has announced recently that it will bring the latest Pu (polyurethane) production technology research results to the 2013 K exhibition in Germany. At that time, cannon will grandly introduce its Pu, epoxy resin, composite material processing technology and hot forming technology in the exhibition

for many years, cannon has been committed to PU production. It first clamped the sample at the end of sensor 1. Part of its business mainly comes from the field of Pu refrigerator materials. In order to better promote the application of PU materials in refrigerator drawers, the company paid special attention to the vacuum injection molding technology of polyurethane foam this year

in addition to refrigerators, automobile manufacturing is another important field of PU material application. Cannon said that its PU products play a good role in isolating noise, reducing vibration and avoiding scratches. Therefore, during this k exhibition, cannon will introduce the application of its PU products in automobile body to customers in detail

in addition, in order to further do a good job in publicity and make the outside world have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of cannon products, the company will also highlight five kinds of antistatic hybrid foams, foams with short clamping length of thermal insulation samples and soft foam Pu plastics for car seats in the exhibition, which will be the main areas of interest in improving electrical and thermal properties

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