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Jushi group reduces energy consumption by replacing the old with the new.

"this latest set of kiln combustion waste gas treatment system can absorb solid pollutants by using the high-voltage electric field of electric dust removal, which focuses on supporting dust from the perspective of national strategy, and effectively remove pollutants in the waste gas through the combination of dry and wet methods." Recently, when I walked into Jushi group, the relevant personnel from the environmental protection and energy conservation department introduced that the traditional waste gas treatment method of the enterprise has been replaced by the "electric demister" waste gas treatment method

in today's society, energy shortage has become an important factor restricting the development of enterprises. For enterprises, increasing energy conservation and consumption reduction is not only the fundamental way to alleviate the shortage of national resources, but also to promote their own fast and easy development. Germany should ensure that we only collect the elongation between the two markings on the sample

in recent years, with the continuous appreciation of RMB and the rising prices of various raw and auxiliary materials, the profit margin of Jushi group has been gradually compressed. How to tap the internal potential of the enterprise, increase revenue and reduce expenditure, Jushi managers began to explore. In this context, a series of energy-saving and emission reduction projects are on the verge of emerging in Jushi, among which the newly launched "comprehensive enhanced governance system for exhaust gas resources, environment and energy constraints" is a highlight

it is understood that last July, Jushi group completed the preliminary investigation and feasibility study of the "tail gas treatment system", and gradually promoted it in line 202, 203, 304 and 305 of the enterprise, and received good results

"through the absorption of acid mist and water mist, the electric demister can greatly reduce the pollutant content in the exhaust gas and fundamentally reduce the precipitation of condensate." Relevant personnel from the environmental protection and energy conservation department said, "the system not only optimizes the existing waste gas treatment process, replaces the thermostat with a demister, but also greatly reduces the use of steam, which is a real energy conservation and emission reduction."

it is understood that as a new type of environmental protection equipment, the electric demister can remove acid mist and water mist from the waste gas, effectively prevent the pollution caused by the use of lead materials, and reduce the probability of lead poisoning for environmental protection, production and installation personnel. In addition, it also has the properties of light weight, high strength and chemical corrosion resistance of FRP

in order to prove that the new system can effectively increase revenue and reduce expenditure, the staff calculated an account. The thermostat used in the old treatment system needs to consume 4.5 tons of coal per hour; The new system is treated by an electric mist eliminator, which requires only 165 degrees of electricity per hour. At the same time, the power consumption of the thermostat is eliminated in the process of treatment. In addition, the blower and other equipment in the original system will also be disabled in the new system. After preliminary calculation, more than 600 kilowatt hours of electricity can be saved in one day, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of an ordinary family for nearly three months

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