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Juyin company builds the team building brand of TDI production line

fine management of Juyin company of Yinguang group builds the team building brand of TDI production line. It is remembered that the red flag team of the central enterprise is unfortunately the process team of hydrochloric acid electrolysis plant of Juyin company of Yinguang group

the process group of hydrochloric acid electrolysis plant of TDI production line of Gansu Yinguang Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. of China Ordnance Industry Group has recently been rated as the red flag team of central enterprises and commended by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. Walking into this team which has won the honor of "five good and one accurate" demonstration team of China Ordnance Industry Corporation, you will be attracted by the new and old comparison chart of the production site of the process team below the public column of team assessment. For a long time, the process team has taken fine management as a breakthrough to create a brand for team building, which has continuously promoted team management to a new level while improving work efficiency and quality

in the "five good and one accurate" excellent team creation activity, the team made great efforts in "fine" and continued to deepen fine management. In the production process, with the purpose of "achieving the target cost plan", they strictly implement the quality system documents, abide by the technical management regulations and process disciplines, so that the whole production process is under control and ensure the product quality. In order to make the various records of the team truly reflect the production status, they designed their own team records according to the post characteristics, making the content of the team records more specific and complete, fully reflecting the value and authenticity of the original production records, and providing a powerful data guarantee for the adjustment of process parameters and the guidance of production. The team also linked the cost assessment of the team to the economic benefits of the employees. By calculating the accounts every shift and every shift, the team firmly established the idea that "cost is benefit" in the minds of the employees. The former is expensive, and reflected the refined management in every small link

their "refinement" is also reflected in safety education. According to the particularity of the working environment and the characteristics of strong acid and alkali jobs, the team carefully carried out various safety education and training, and specific safety education and training to each shift. Each department has established its own safety training plan and has its own safety education records. The working group also held several anti accident drills with diligence as the unit to enhance the employees' ability to deal with emergencies

in the field management, the working group, in combination with the 5S management activities carried out by Yinguang group, introduced the "7S" field management concept with the content of "sorting, rectification, cleaning, cleaning, literacy, safety and saving" according to its own management needs, and refined the field management to each field. In line with the principle of "cleaning a little every day and changing a little every day", clean and maintain the environment in the production area. Whether the protective cover made of PVC material installed on the exposed part of the equipment, the clear color identification on the equipment pipeline, or the warm tips on the production site, all show the painstaking efforts made by the team in "refining" the site management

under the guidance of refined management ideas, the staff of the working group not only created a good working environment and maintained a safe and stable production situation, but also made great efforts for the stable operation of TDI production line with good work quality

since the beginning of this year, with the increasing load of the 100000 ton TDI production line, in view of the fact that the absorption capacity of the hydrogen chloride absorption tower of the electrolytic production line can not meet the needs of the 100000 ton TDI production line, the unit has implemented the hydrochloric acid transmission pipeline, hydrogen chloride absorption tower, k1470 tower and some instruments in the tank farm to improve the treatment capacity of the by-product hydrogen chloride of the production line. In order to ensure the feasibility of the transformation scheme, the working group organized relevant personnel to cooperate in the early stage to test the absorption capacity of hydrogen chloride to enhance the adhesion outside the mold, to understand the hydrogen chloride absorption and transmission capacity of existing equipment and pipelines, so as to start from one production line, and to collect basic data for determining the transformation scheme. In order to ensure the effective operation of the production line after the transformation, the process team organizes relevant personnel to learn the process operation according to the actual production and the technical transformation project, revises the issued operation method, and makes on-site process cards. On the basis of systematically sorting out the original process technical documents and operation methods, the actual process parameters of the production line and the parameters in the operation manual and process regulations are checked and modified, and the current process documents are revised and supplemented. The "fine management" is used to escort the stability of product quality and production process

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