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Kai'ao Baoli W series kb30 internal combustion counterweight forklift comes out

kai'ao Baoli W series kb30 internal combustion counterweight forklift comes out

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recently, with the approach of the 2015 lunar new year, a new member of kai'ao Baoli's product family - W series kb30 internal combustion counterweight forklift. These additives can strengthen materials and enhance degradability, and have been brought out with great attention Many customers who support kaiaobaoli leave the old year and welcome the new year together. This product comes out with multiple highlights, bringing new surprises to customers with better quality and stronger competitiveness

as the world's leading supplier and leader of material handling equipment and solutions, Kaiao group has been pursuing excellence, surpassing itself and leading the industry model. Since the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement with Weichai group, the largest construction machinery power supplier in China, in 2013, the two sides have worked together to build a great wall of breakthroughs in the market and technical fields. This time, the W series 3-ton internal combustion counterweight forklift grandly launched by kaiaobaoli is equipped with Weichai w2.7g engine, which can be described as another wonderful demonstration of perfect cooperation between the two sides

w2.7g engine has high comfort. By improving the sealing form of cylinder head cover, oil pan and front cover plate structure of gear chamber, the noise and vibration of the product are greatly reduced; Reliable and stable, wp2.7 diesel engine body and cylinder head assembly after strengthening are more stable and reliable; The built-in thermostat is used to fundamentally solve the problem of water leakage, and the maintenance cost is low; It is green, environment-friendly, efficient and energy-saving. Its emissions meet the national emission standards. It has high power, large torque and low smoke. The optimized combustion system greatly improves the fuel economy compared with the same type of engine on the market; Easy maintenance

in addition to having strong power, Baoli kb30 internal combustion balance weight forklift equipped with Weichai w2.7g engine also perfectly demonstrates the German quality and all-round competitiveness of Kaiao Baoli as the world's leading economic forklift brand. This forklift is a 3-ton load diesel forklift. As we all know, the market competition of 3-ton forklift is the most intense. With its excellent quality and high-quality service, Baoli W series has entered this market by turning the problem of measuring the load into the problem of measuring the displacement of the rod assembly, helping customers reduce the use cost and improve their comprehensive competitiveness. The cooperation with Weichai group makes it more convenient to install the "heart" of different characteristics independently developed for Kaiao Baoli forklift truck, providing customers with more diverse power options to meet their different working conditions

that is to say, in addition to regulating the rotating speed of electromechanical equipment, kai'ao Baoli and Weichai group have a very perfect service network in the world. While providing powerful products, they also provide customers with timely, standardized and complete after-sales services. As a new product jointly launched by two world leading enterprises, kaiaobaoli kb30 internal combustion balance weight forklift has become another great achievement of the successful cooperation between the two sides, and also deeply explained the great significance of the cooperation between the two sides. It made a wonderful debut with the 2015 Spring Festival blessings and dreams of Kaiao Baoli and Weichai group. Please wait and see

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