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Karl Fischer moisture analyzer

1 purpose

Karl Fischer method is recognized as a classic method for detecting moisture with high accuracy. Cbs-1a full-automatic Carlsberg trace moisture tester produced by Beijing Chaosheng company can be widely used in many industries such as petrochemical industry, pharmacy, daily chemical industry, food, agriculture, commodity inspection, laboratory and so on

2 detection principle

when water content is determined by Karl Fischer method, in the presence of methanol and alkali, water will react with iodine and sulfur dioxide according to the following chemical reaction formula:

h2o + I2 + SO2 + ch30h + 3rn → [rhn]so4ch3 + 2[rhn]i

for volumetric titration, iodine is added as a titrant

3 working principle

cbs-1a automatic Carlsberg trace moisture tester (hereinafter referred to as the tester) this instrument adopts the plunger titration method based on the Karl Fischer volumetric method. The single chip microcomputer controls the titration process of the plunger, collects the dynamic signal of the electrode, automatically judges the stop point, and calculates the measurement results

4 instrument characteristics

⑴ safe experimental environment

the system adopts the integrated design of fully closed mode. As long as you press the relevant parameter keys, you can automatically change the solvent (discharge waste liquid and suck in solution), avoiding the contact between chemical reagents and human body, giving you a safe working environment and making your work easy and efficient

⑵ 2015 all Chinese display, simple operation, higher degree of automation

Chinese interface operation makes man-machine dialogue closer. The instrument has an automatic and real-time monitoring system, which can automatically return to remove the trace water invading the titration pool. During titration, you can complete the test by inputting parameters according to the operating instructions. The test time of a sample can be completed within 30 seconds to a few minutes, and the test report can be printed out

⑶ high accuracy and good reproducibility of the determination results

the instrument system is highly closed, and the titration drift value is very low. Cocoa turns the oil return valve to measure the micro moisture value of 0.15 ~ 500 ㎎, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the measurement results

⑷ the tested sample can be liquid, solid Gas and paste

5 main functions

automatic detection of trace water content

automatic liquid absorption and waste liquid discharge

printing of test report

6 technical indicators

signal acquisition resolution and quality and size problems: a

reproducibility: ± 0.02

minimum feed: 0.002 ml

titration rate: 1 ml/s

result display unit:%ppm ㎎

sensitivity: 10 ppm

display Method: Chinese display

practical and beautiful

ambient temperature: 5 ~ 40 ℃

ambient humidity: <65% (avoid dew weather)

sample range: 0.15 ~ 500 ㎎

polarization voltage: 0 ~ 2560 mv

polarization current: 0 ~ 2000 μ A

working power supply: AC 220 V ± 10%50 Hz ± 5%

host weight: 15 kg

host size: 443 × two hundred and thirty × 180㎜

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