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Kalmar released k

Kalmar released the k-motion front suspension joint power scheme in the Asia Pacific region

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Kalmar released the most displacement measurement method in the Asia Pacific region, covering a wide range of new power schemes. The k-hydraulic testing machine is mainly used for metal motion. Kalmar k-motion power scheme is a new type of power transmission system, which can be embedded in the program of Kalmar Gloria frontal crane. It can improve efficiency and productivity by improving normal operation time, improving ergonomic design and increasing safety, while reducing fuel consumption and operating costs. Following the successful introduction of k-motion into the European market in 2015, the Asia Pacific product launch was grandly held in Shanghai, China on January 19, 2016

the new power plan continues Kalmar's R & D policy of developing sustainable product plans for customers and reducing the impact of operations on the environment. Kalmar k-motion combines hydrostatic technology with mechanical technology to significantly improve the efficiency of the transmission, allowing the use of smaller engines without affecting the driving and lifting capacity. This design can reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions by up to 40%

the intelligent control system of Kalmar k-motion power scheme can improve the accuracy in both low-speed and high-speed modes. It can achieve decentralized power to improve the overall driving and efficiency. The adjustable joystick also helps improve driving accuracy. After adopting this power scheme, the daily operation is safer, so the driver can focus on the current task, react quickly, avoid accidents and damage to goods, and reduce driver fatigue

kenloh, executive vice president of Kalmar Asia Pacific, said: "the development and application of Kalmar k-motion solution is the result of listening to our customers' needs. The feedback provided by customers and dealer partners is the key to our R & D direction. K-motion continues our commitment to provide innovative technologies and world-class solutions to help customers achieve their operational and environmental goals."

the first front crane equipped with karma k-motion power scheme is karma Gloria front crane drg450, which is specially designed for container transportation, multimodal transport and industrial applications. Because the k-motion technology can be used in combination with a low-power engine (the maximum speed is 1700rpm), it can significantly reduce noise pollution and improve the comfort of the driver and the workers around. 11. The well cover pressure fatigue testing machine realizes the adjustment of the cross beam when clamping the sample

stefanjohansson, sales and marketing director of Kalmar frontal crane and empty container stacker, said: "In line with the current mainstream social idea of environmental protection, operators are facing unprecedented pressure. They need to provide operational efficiency, reduce costs and reduce the impact of daily operations on the environment. Kalmar has always insisted on developing efficient and sustainable technologies. Next, we will strive to apply k-motion technology to all our frontal crane products."

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