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With the new budget, Kangtai Electronics will increase its products to attack iac2008

Beijing Kangtai electric long-term cooperation strategic partnership. The new products carried by Kangtai electric first appeared on the IAC exhibition platform, but they were particularly eye-catching. The comprehensive product series enabled the audience to have a deeper understanding of Beijing Kangtai electric

according to the company's staff, we have brought the world's smallest and most versatile analog signal isolation transmitter - sensortextm8b. This product is specially developed to meet the needs of global users for smaller and lower cost isolation signal transmitters. In addition, it also provides: instrument class efficiency, Compared with similar products, the packaging spandex fiber industry, which is 80% smaller than the downstream textile industry, has also increased the inventory of 3ling fx1s20mt programmable controller products, which is cost-effective and cost-effective. The person in charge of the company also disclosed that 8b series products include 17 families, with a total of 106 modules, which are connected to various voltage, current, temperature, position, frequency and strain measuring devices

it is commendable that 8b products also provide real technological breakthroughs on the basis of high efficiency, low cost and small body, such as protecting users' equipment from the threat of power instantaneous interruption and low power supply voltage of industrial equipment, reducing electronic noise when measuring signals, and realizing convenient system expansion and maintenance. Its products are only one fifth the size of competitive products, which are more suitable for embedded and portable applications

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