Egyptian Moroccan Mediterranean style that charms

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After listening to the introduction of the designer, I know that there are several styles of Mediterranean style home furnishings, the most representative of which are three, including Greece and Spain Mediterranean, which are famous for their blue and white; Yellow and green match to create a romantic atmosphere of Italy, France and the Mediterranean; The earth is yellow, red and brown, matching Egypt, Morocco and the Mediterranean. After comparison, I found that I like the latter best. Imagination is very consistent with reality. In this case, the Egyptian Moroccan Mediterranean style home of coquettish petty bourgeoisie is full of seductive and enchanting feelings. Come and have a look with Xiaobian! [decoration area]: about 70 square meters

[decoration style]: Mediterranean style

[decoration house type]: two bedrooms and two halls

living room

editor's comments: North Africa Mediterranean civilization with romantic temperament has been covered with a mysterious veil in many people's hearts, giving people a feeling of ancient and distant




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