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It may be that we are all unfamiliar with the term "wire setter". This is because the wire setter is rarely used in our daily life and is generally used in industry. In fact, the cable arranger is a kind of mechanical equipment that can arrange messy cables, steel wire ropes and other cables neatly

in short, have we found a phenomenon that many devices have a bunch of coils, and the coils are well wound and neatly arranged, but when we unfold the wires wrapped inside and want to rewind them, you will find that they can't be rewound. Why? This is due to the function of the cable setter

[function of wire setter]

the wire setter can maintain the angular symmetry between the movable arm and the fixed arm, ensuring that it can be replaced at any time when the pressure of the compression spring is insufficient

the speed of operation can be adjusted by using the wire setter, which can meet the thrust of wire arrangement and prolong the service life of machinery and equipment. It should be reminded here that the thrust of the cable setter should be adjusted appropriately, otherwise too tight will cause the cable setter to fail to reverse

[working principle of cable arranger]

hypothetical description with Roman rod device. The common language of Roman rod device is curtain hanging. Assuming that the long rod in the middle of the Roman rod device is not nailed, the long rod can also rotate in the support. If you use your right hand to rotate clockwise at the right end, the hanging ring at the rightmost end of the long rod can rotate in place with the rotation of the long rod, and the two hanging rings on the left of the hanging ring move to the left front end with the rotation of the long rod. If the degree of inclination of the long rod is greater, The left movement speed of the hanging ring is also accelerated

however, the principle of the bare rod wire setter is also similar to that of the Roman rod device. Using the friction principle, the movement effect is achieved through the bearing inner ring, but the inner diameter of the bearing inner ring of the bare rod wire setter is circular arc

[precautions for installing the cable arranger]

the cable arranger plays a very important role in the production machinery of large manufacturers, so pay special attention to the installation of the cable arranger to avoid damage. Now let's talk about the installation instructions of the wire setter:

1. The installation of the wire setter generally needs to be installed according to the process requirements of the model and size related to the production machinery and equipment, and then the installation of accessories such as tracks, polished rods, bumpers and so on

2. The surface hardness of the polished rod for installing the cable arranger is generally hrc50° ~ 60°, Its outer diameter tolerance requirements: H6, straightness requirements: < 0.1mm/m, length requirements: generally, it should not be greater than 20 ~ 30 times the diameter of the polished rod, and both ends of the polished rod must be chamfered for 2× 30°。

[price of wire setter]

the wire setter produced by Changzhou oukun transmission equipment Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer's direct selling smooth rod wire setter gp-15. The power supply voltage of the product is 380, the direction of the main shaft is on the right, and the applicable wire diameter of the product is 1.5 (mm). This product follows the wholesale route and adheres to the principle of giving priority to large quantities. If you buy 1— 2 sets, the price of this product is ¥ 430.00, if you buy 3— For 6 sets, the price of the product is ¥ 425.00. If you buy 7 or more sets, the price of the product is ¥ 420.00

through the above introduction of the function of the wire setter, I hope it can help the technical staff who need to use the wire setter in their work. If you really want to know more about the cable setter, please continue to pay attention





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