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[home decoration network] in home decoration, consumers are most concerned about whether the quality of home decoration can be guaranteed. The on-site construction site can directly reflect the quality of home decoration, especially the details related to the quality of home decoration can be reflected one by one in the site. Careful examination of these links can not only check the construction quality of workers, but also timely find the problems in the process of home decoration, and prevent them

◆ early construction &mdash& mdash; Home decoration materials mobilization

when home decoration construction begins, you should communicate with the construction workers in time to understand whether your decoration project is outsourced. Once you find that the project is outsourced, you should immediately negotiate with the home decoration company to avoid the project from continuing “ Outsourced. Secondly, check whether the placement of construction tools and materials on site meets the requirements of the contract, whether the fire prevention, moisture-proof and other equipment are complete, and whether the on-site management of workers is standardized

about a week after the commencement of construction, the materials required for construction will enter the site one after another, which is the most critical link in the initial inspection of the construction site. After the home decoration materials enter the site, the foreman, designer and owner are generally required to conduct joint acceptance. During the acceptance, attention should be paid to whether the materials entering the site are the brand materials of the home decoration company, whether they are the brands specified in the contract, and whether the model, style and color of the materials are consistent with those specified in the contract, If special environmental protection materials are involved, the home decoration company should also be required to show the environmental protection test certificate

after the home decoration materials enter the site smoothly, in the future construction process, we should also pay attention to whether the foreman has the behavior of stealing beams and changing columns, or take the materials provided by the company with him, and then fill the empty space with other purchased materials. Once there is a problem, the maintenance and after-sales will be involved

◆ early stage of construction &mdash& mdash; Construction of concealed works

after the hydropower workers enter the site, the construction enters the middle and early stage. The most critical link in the middle and early stage of construction is hydropower transformation, which is commonly referred to as concealed works. The quality of concealed works largely determines the quality of the whole home decoration. Therefore, when workers carry out hydropower transformation, owners should pay more attention to details

when transforming the circuit, first of all, pay attention to whether the workers' slotting is horizontal and vertical, whether the wire surface is clean, especially whether the wire quality meets the national standards, whether the wires are fixed according to the specified interval when laying wires, and whether the PVC joints of wires are firm and stable. When reconstructing waterways, special attention should be paid to the material of water pipes, especially whether the joints of water pipes are of the same brand. In the process of waterway reconstruction, the sewer must be prevented from blocking. Before construction, the water outlet and floor drain must be sealed and protected to prevent cement and mortar from entering the sewer

if wooden keel ceiling is required indoors, it is necessary to pay attention to check whether the workers apply fire-proof paint evenly, whether the keel is firmly connected, and whether the density interval of hanging bars meets the process requirements

◆ mid construction &mdash& mdash; Wall, floor and woodwork construction

the mid-term construction involves wall treatment, wall tiles, floor tiles and woodwork construction. If the wall treatment needs to be re puttying or crack prevention treatment, it should be carried out in strict accordance with the process specified in the contract, and the number of times of primer and finish paint should also meet the provisions of the contract

when laying wall tiles, it should be noted that the soaking time of wall tiles should be at least 2 hours. When laying wall tiles, workers should pay attention to whether the flatness of wall tiles meets the predetermined requirements. In order to avoid the skew of wall tile paving, workers can be required to pull wires before paving

if the indoor woodwork construction involves the installation of decorative panels, attention should be paid to whether the splicing of ultra long decorative panels has chamfer joints and whether the splicing of ultra long dumb mouth has been reinforced

after the completion of the medium-term project, most of the home decoration projects have been basically completed, and the home decoration effect has gradually revealed its true appearance, especially the TV background wall, on-site customized wardrobe and other large projects, which need to check whether the design and drawings meet the design requirements

◆ late construction &mdash& mdash; Check the overall design drawings

there are not many large projects in the later stage of construction. The floor paving is paved by professional floor paving workers, and the ground must be cleaned before paving. When the construction is approaching the end, it is crucial to check whether the overall construction effect is consistent with the design drawings

check whether the woodworking items are broken, and whether the surface is flat or bulging. Whether the bedroom door and other internal doors are opened normally. When closing, the upper, left and right door seams of the door should be tight, and the lower door seam should be appropriate, generally 0.5cm is preferred

when checking the wall surface, pay attention to whether there are irregularities, bulges and other phenomena. For the paving of wall and floor tiles, you can first check whether the gaps are neat, and then check the verticality and flatness of the wall tiles with a guiding rule. Secondly, you should check whether the tiles at the internal and external corners are square, and then observe whether the jointing agent of the floor tiles is solid and full





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