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(Carty doors and windows, high-quality home decoration) many door and window manufacturers now place orders for production only after paying for them. However, when terminal owners purchase doors and windows, they are required to pay a deposit first. Some owners put down hundreds of yuan for orders of tens of thousands of yuan and said: you do it first, and I will pay the full amount after doing it well. What should I do in this situation? On the one hand, the door and window manufacturers want to produce all the money, and on the other hand, the owners are only willing to pay a poor deposit. The shop owner who can accept this order can be said to be the God of the owner, because they have to advance money to make the customer's order first

door and window dealers say that this year is worse than previous years! Let the door and window manufacturers make profits, and let the door and window manufacturers support a little. We are mutual, door and window manufacturers In order to survive, we have already given you the base price. The market competition is big, things are better, the price should be low, and the service should be in place

the market leader of door and window manufacturers believes that efforts should be made in the following four aspects

first, we should pay more attention to brands: eliminate the development concept that as long as there is a trademark and a brand, it is a brand

second, we should pay more attention to quality: let consumers really have a bottom in their hearts when purchasing door and window products, rather than seeing and hearing the same and perfect products in the building materials market

third, we should pay more attention to service: go out of the low-level stage where service is only the successful promotion of door and window products to consumers, pass on the brand culture of doors and windows to consumers in the process of service, and promote new life concepts and ways. A loud advertisement does not mean that the product is well-known

fourth, we should pay more attention to environmental protection: we should consider the recycling and reuse of doors and windows in the production process

because after all, the door and window manufacturers It's not a bank. You can charge interest on the money you owe, so we should understand each other. The difficulties of door and window manufacturers





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