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When many consumers buy water treatment products, they always hear the word "KDF", which many people don't understand. What is KDF, why should we advocate its application, and is it safe? Today's editor will introduce you to KDF, a filter material, and see what benefits it has

many consumers will always hear " KDF" Many people don't understand this word. What is KDF, why should we advocate its application, and is it safe? Today's editor will introduce you to KDF, a filter material, and see what benefits it has

what is KDF commonly heard in water treatment products

what we usually hear "e; KDF", In fact, it is a kind of filter material in water purification equipment. This copper zinc filter material patented by KDF water treatment company is a high-purity copper/zinc alloy. Through electrochemical oxidation-reduction (electron transfer) reaction, it can effectively reduce or remove chlorine and heavy metals in water, and inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms in water. It is an ideal water treatment method at present

what are the benefits of water pretreatment with KDF

pretreatment of water with KDF is a simple and low consumption method. It can protect expensive and vulnerable water treatment components from chlorine, microorganisms and scaling. Compared with microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis membrane, ion exchange resin and granular activated carbon, KDF has more advantages and lower consumption in improving water treatment efficiency and maintaining high efficiency. Today, KDF has been widely used in the world, from kitchen faucets to industrial cooling water treatment

1. Reduce mineral scaling

kdf treatment medium can prevent the formation and accumulation of mineral hard scale, mainly preventing the crystallization of calcite calcium carbonate

2. Reduce suspended solids

kdf55 filter medium can effectively remove as small as 50 mu in diameter; M particles to prevent them from entering the human body

3. Remove the oxidant (residual chlorine)

the water in Shanghai always tastes like bleach because it contains residual chlorine, which will produce a potential carcinogen - chloroform, and also cause many human diseases. Kdf55 can effectively remove residual chlorine and other oxidants in water

4. Inhibit the propagation of microorganisms and control the growth of microorganisms

5 Remove heavy metals and hydrogen sulfide

in life, where is KDF generally applicable

applicable to municipal tap water treated with chlorine. It includes places where tap water is used, such as residents, businesses, schools, public utilities, light industry, construction sites and factories

is KDF safe? Is it harmful to human body

kdf water treatment company has a history of 22 years, and is in a leading position in the water treatment industry. KDF patented copper zinc filter material is widely used in all industrial production links of water treatment, and can be recycled without any additives. It can be safely used in hospitals, hotels and various public utility water treatment equipment

kdf55 treatment medium meets the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), the water quality association (WQA) and the National Health Foundation (NSF) for the maximum zinc and copper content in drinking water. For example, KDF treatment medium can remove chlorine with a concentration of 10ppm in water, but it can still meet the EPA's regulations on the maximum allowable zinc content in drinking water. Therefore, it can be safely applied

editor's note: general technology can only be selected according to the particle size of the material, removing all large particles or removing particles in a certain range. KDF can effectively solve the problems of heavy metals and retain beneficial substances, which many technologies do not have. KDF has the characteristics of long service life and reusable. At present, there are many similar products in the market, but the quality is uneven. Therefore, when consumers buy water treatment products, they should pay attention to whether they use authentic KDF filter material to ensure the effective purification of water quality





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