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New rural self built houses are changing from red brick bungalows to various western style villas in recent years. With the improvement of people's living standards, rural people have higher and higher requirements for the appearance of houses

self built houses in new rural areas are changing from red brick bungalows to all kinds of western style villas in recent years. With the improvement of people's living standards, rural people have higher and higher requirements for the appearance of houses. However, it is easy to ignore some very important problems if they pursue the beauty of the shape of houses. Today, Xiaobian brings you the most common mistakes in doors and windows of self built houses in new rural areas. You should pay attention to those who are preparing to build their own houses

1. The position of the inner door is very important

the position of the inner door in the room is very important, which will directly affect the layout of furniture and indoor ventilation. Therefore, the principle of the position layout of the door is to keep the wall as complete as possible, so as to facilitate the layout of furniture and the rationality of pedestrian passage

2. Excellent ventilation effect

the ventilation in the room is not only affected by the position of the door, but also restricted by the window. In order to achieve excellent ventilation effect, the position of the door should be matched with the window as much as possible to form a draught and increase the ventilation range

3. The size of the window is affected by the local climate

the area of the window in the room should be determined according to the different requirements of different rooms for lighting. Generally, the window area = the floor area of the room × Window to floor area ratio. At the same time, the size of the window is also affected by the local climate. For example, the hot areas in the south often increase the window area to facilitate ventilation, and the cold areas in the north are mostly small windows, or the large windows in the South and the small windows in the north to save energy and keep warm

in addition, if solar energy is used for heating, the area of the south window should be appropriately increased to obtain more solar energy, and the thermal insulation measures of the window must not be ignored, otherwise the heat loss at night will be more than that obtained during the day

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red oak doors and windows

material: it adopts Chinese famous brand aluminum, double-layer hollow tempered glass, with super hardness, high wear resistance, corrosion prevention, waterproof, insect resistance, no fading, no deformation, no rust, green and environmental protection

all materials are made of titanium magnesium alloy with an international thickness of more than 1.2mm. Austrian tiger surface treatment process, no fading, no oxidation

the glass adopts the original sheet of Dachang Xinyi Glass, and the minimum 5+9+5 hollow double-layer toughening starts, which strengthens the sealing and stability (the greater the spacing between the double-layer glasses, the better the sound insulation effect). The pattern is designed in the middle of the double-layer glass, which can't be touched by hand, which is convenient for cleaning

the gap between the double-layer insulating glass is 9mm, and each layer of glass is 5mm, which adds up to 19mm. Aluminum strips are sandwiched between the glasses. The aluminum strips are filled with an analysis sieve (similar to desiccant), and polysulfide glue is applied to the seal of the double-layer glass. Hollow insulation strip, absolute moisture-proof and sound insulation

5mm hollow double-layer tempered glass, 3C certified, adopts professional waterproof treatment, and can be directly put into water

the connection between the door leaf opening and the light opening is neat and tight, there is no obvious gap, and the hand will not feel pricked when placed on it

45 ° angle butt joint, smooth and flat without burrs, aluminum angle code is locked, and aluminum alloy angle code of door frame is positioned

sealant strip and high concentration silicified wool strip. High quality EPDM sealant strip is used, which has good strength, high elasticity and is not easy to aging

high concentration silicified wool not only increases the tightness of sliding doors, but also plays a role in shock absorption, reduces (or even disappears) the collision sound when closing doors, protects the edges of doors and windows, and prolongs the service life of doors

high quality hopo hardware is used, which is beautiful, durable and colorfast

high quality hopo pulley - the roller, bearing and outer bracket of the wheel are all 304 stainless steel, and the roller is German imported bus floating nylon

300000 use tests, 10 times a day, 3650 times a year, which can be used for nearly 100 years





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