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Kaiquan group: build an intelligent pump and valve factory with full process closed-loop management

when I walked into Kaiquan group, I saw that the intelligent articulated arm robot was carrying out automatic operation. The robot recognized parts through automatic CCD intelligent photography, grabbed parts quickly, and automatically retrieved the detection program. The whole operation was not only highly accurate, but also highly efficient, truly realizing unmanned operation. We have an Italian

when we entered Kaiquan group, we saw that the intelligent articulated arm robot is carrying out automation. The robot identifies parts through automatic CCD intelligent photography, quickly grabs parts, and automatically invokes the detection program. The whole operation is not only highly accurate, but also highly efficient, truly realizing unmanned operation

we have an Italian CEBR impeller automatic balancing machine, and the articulated arm robot is a supporting product of the equipment. The equipment can automatically determine the balance parameters of the impeller, automatically cut, and conduct balance detection again after cutting until the standard requirements are met. The technicians of Kaiquan group said that this is a very key quality control point of the pump, and the balance of the impeller is related to the safe operation state and service life of the whole pump

and this element does not contain metal grids and inserts Kaiquan pump

Kaiquan group also has 7 dmgmori horizontal machining center equipment, which can meet the processing needs of 20500 pumps with a diameter of more than 150 per year. The equipment is processed automatically, and the personnel participate in the maintenance of low oil source: regularly check that the main engine and oil source are places without biomedical oil leakage, and the production is stable, the product precision is high, and the quality is stable. The equipment can realize that the pump body blank can be put in, the parts can be finished, and all processing can be completed in one process, which well ensures the geometric tolerance of all surfaces of the pump body, and the parts can respond within one day

in the face of industrial upgrading, in order to promote the high-quality development of factory manufacturing capacity and meet the company's strategic development needs, according to the company's business characteristics, Kaiquan group has opened a road of intelligent manufacturing capacity transformation with lean production management as the goal. " Huangweining, general manager of Kaiquan Group Co., Ltd., said that Kaiquan started the road of enterprise information construction more than ten years ago. At the beginning, it made management software for the production workshop. Later, with the development of the enterprise, it introduced ERP system, sales system, supply chain management system, etc., and finally transformed the whole equipment. The interconnection between equipment has also been realized. In addition to giving people a sense of overall comfort, it is more important to be strong and secure, Finally, the goal of intelligent transformation is achieved

enterprise digital transformation is for the needs of enterprise development. Water pump or valve is a small batch and discrete production mode, which has very high requirements for production management and involves various basic equipment. In recent years, in accordance with the company's strategic objectives, the company has continuously promoted intelligent transformation and improved the competitiveness of the enterprise in all aspects through technological transformation. At present, Kaiquan Group Co., Ltd., covering an area of 63 mu, has an annual production capacity of 100000 sets and an output value of 500million yuan. In the next step, it will continue to improve and upgrade its intelligent transformation and further enhance its comprehensive strength

Shanghai Kaiquan is a large comprehensive pump group integrating the design, production and sales of pumps, water supply equipment and pump control equipment. It is a leading enterprise in China's pump industry and has been selected into the national top 500 machinery companies for consecutive years

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