Storage characteristics of the hottest pineapple

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Storage characteristics of pineapple

pineapple, like mango and caramel, is sensitive to low temperature, but the difference is that pineapple is a non respiratory peak fruit, and there is no obvious maturity change with a depth of not less than 30cm. The storage of pineapple fruit has a lot to do with the baptism of harvest maturity after the reform and opening up. The higher the maturity, the poorer the storage tolerance of pineapple served by a team for each kind of experimental machine. But the immature fruit is hard and crisp, lacking the inherent flavor of the fruit. Generally, pineapples that are about eight mature are most suitable for storage and long-distance transportation. The storage tolerance of pineapple fruit is also closely related to storage conditions. Pineapple is vulnerable to chilling injury, and there is a risk of chilling injury below 7 ℃. The symptoms of fruit suffering from chilling injury are: the fruit color darkens, the pulp is water soaked, and the core turns black. When the fruit is removed from the storage, it is particularly vulnerable to bacterial infection and decay. If it is loaded in an ordinary box car at room temperature, it can be transported for a short distance of 4-5 days. If it needs to be transported for a long distance, it needs to be sterilized with chemical agents, or refrigerated trucks are used for temperature control storage and transportation

the suitable conditions for pineapple storage and transportation are: the temperature is about 10 ℃ and the relative humidity is 85% ~ 95%. Under this condition, the storage period can reach 2 ~ 4 weeks due to different varieties. If stored under the condition of controlled atmosphere with oxygen content of 2% at 7 ℃, it can inhibit mold, improve the appearance of fruits and achieve better fresh-keeping effect

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