Storage and preservation of the hottest peach and

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Storage and preservation of peaches and plums

first, the warehouse should be disinfected before warehousing

II. For example, some machines, handles on instruments, hand wheels and sanitary equipment, and the decorative surface of some experimental machine parts on food experimental machines. Ripe peaches and plums should be selected for storage, and they should be harvested at seven maturity

III. pay attention to the following when harvesting:

steel wire and strand due to the high hardness of the sample 1 It should be harvested with fruit stalks

2. Handle with care

3. Harvest after the dew dries in the morning or after 3 ~ 4 o'clock in the afternoon on a sunny day. Harvesting at noon and with dew is unfavorable for storage

4. Irrigation is forbidden in peach and plum orchards one week before harvest

5. Peaches and plums harvested after rain cannot be stored

6. It is forbidden to spray ripening agent before harvest

7. Pre harvest spraying and 0.5% calcium chloride can significantly improve the storage resistance of peaches and plums and reduce the decay of peaches and plums

IV. after selection, the harvested fruits are put into cartons or wooden boxes lined with peach and plum fresh-keeping film, and quickly put into 0 ℃ warehouse for pre cooling. Pay attention when precooling:

1 The temperature of pre cooling storage should be 0 ℃

2. Open the bag mouth during precooling

v. when the fruit temperature is close to 0 ℃, put a peach and plum fresh-keeping pad, and put a piece of white paper between the fresh-keeping pad and the fruit to prevent the fresh-keeping agent from directly contacting the fruit. Bag storage

VI. during storage, pay attention to keep the storage temperature at 0 ℃, and the fluctuation range should be less than 0.5 ℃, otherwise it is easy to cause a large amount of condensation in the fresh-keeping bags, and stimulate the release of the fresh-keeping agent to understand the normal operating state of the experimental machine, which may cause the occurrence of drug damage

information source: Jiangsu agricultural information 12. Deformation measurement accuracy: 1%

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