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Storage and preservation of winter bamboo shoots

1. Cellaring method Shandong innovation group explores, transforms and bulges many key nodes. Select fresh and undamaged winter bamboo shoots and place them in a 2-3 meter deep cellar. The bottom of the cellar is first paved with a layer of 10cm thick yellow sand soil. The sand soil should be kneaded into a ball by hand and scattered immediately after releasing it. Then put the winter bamboo shoots one by one (with the tip facing up and the stump grounded), a layer of sand soil and a layer of winter bamboo shoots, preferably without exposing the tip and shell of the bamboo shoots. After that, cover it with a layer of yellow sand. Then, seal the pit mouth with wood or stone, and then seal with a layer of plastic film to prevent rainwater from dripping in. After sealing, check once every 30 days to see if there are deteriorated and rotten bamboo shoots. If there are, clean them up. This method can be stored for 60 ~ 90 days, and the fresh-keeping effect is good

2. sealing method: clean your own water tanks, wine jars and ceramic cans, preferably dry them in the sun, and put in the winter bamboo shoots without damage. When putting bamboo shoots, don't put them upside down. Put them upright one by one, and then add some rice husks or bran. After filling them, cover them with double-layer plastic film with a price of 0.1 US dollars/ton lower than that of the previous trading day, and tie them tightly with ropes. You can also put the undamaged winter bamboo shoots into the airtight plastic bag and tie the bag tightly. After that, put the container containing winter bamboo shoots in the place where comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation will be carried out. This method can keep fresh for 30 ~ 40 days

3. Pine needle storage method choose an empty room sheltered from the wind. When the storage capacity is small, wooden boxes, bamboo baskets, cartons, etc. can be used as containers. First clean the room and disinfect it with lime water. Then lay a layer of pine needles with a thickness of 7 cm ~ 10 cm (both dry and fresh leaves) on the bottom of the box and basket, place undamaged winter bamboo shoots on the pine needles one by one, put a layer of winter bamboo shoots, and lay a layer of pine needles with a thickness of 7 cm. At the same time, the box and basket must also be surrounded by pine needles to fill the gap. Boxes and baskets can be placed according to the size of the space. Those with small space can be placed on 3 ~ 5 floors, and those with large space can be placed on any number of floors. In short, the top layer must be covered with pine needles and plastic film. Check every 20 days during the storage period and pick up rotten bamboo shoots. This method can store fresh winter bamboo shoots for 60 ~ 90 days

4. The sand hiding method is to build a pool about 50 cm high and unlimited in length and width with bricks indoors. The bottom of the pool is paved with 7 cm ~ 10 cm thick dry river sand. Then, arrange the intact winter bamboo shoots with their tips upward on the sand. The gap between the bamboo shoots must also be filled with river sand. The upper layer of winter bamboo shoots is covered with 7 cm ~ 10 cm thick river sand. Don't expose the tips of bamboo shoots. This method can store fresh-keeping winter bamboo shoots for 40 ~ 60 days. The fresh-keeping effect is good

5. Steam the winter bamboo shoots, peel and wash them, and then give priority to the national quality of the clamps of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. by breaking two or half in one, steaming them in a steam pot or boiling them in a clean water pot until they are six mature, picking them up, spreading them in baskets or sieves, hanging them or placing them in a cool and ventilated place, which can keep fresh for 10 to 15 days. This method is only applicable to damaged winter bamboo shoots or recently edible winter bamboo shoots

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