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The preservation and use of inkjet machinery consumables

because of the light, high temperature, ozone and humidity of the air, whether it is traditional silver salt photos or current digital photos, preservation has always been an unavoidable problem, otherwise no matter how exquisite the printing effect will be, it will not have practical significance. According to the author's experience, traditional photos will fade in ten years. If compared with this period, the storage life of digital photos has greatly exceeded that of traditional photos

for example, using Lenovo permanent color ink, photos can be preserved for 50 years; Using Epson permanent color waterproof and light resistant ink, the photos can be preserved for 70 years; Using Epson century rainbow bright pigment ink, the photos can be kept for up to 80 years; With HP vivera Colorstay ink, the photos can be preserved for 108 years; Using Lexmark's new evercolor ink, the photos stored in the album can be stored for more than 200 years. It should be reminded that in order to obtain the above preservation effect, special ink alone is not enough, and professional photo paper designated by the business is also required

in fact, the number of years that printer manufacturers provide photo durability is the result of testing in the laboratory with strict standards. Generally, the light, temperature and humidity of the family environment are different from those of the laboratory, so the actual storage life will certainly be different. However, at present, printer manufacturers generally adopt the test method of small crack stage of wil helm imaging research (3), a neutral organization in the United States. For example, the light resistance test is to continuously irradiate the photos placed under the glass plate with high-intensity light at 24 ℃ and 60% relative humidity, observe the degree of fading of the photos, and calculate the light resistance storage life of the photos by this method of concentration time. Therefore, although the absolute correctness of the data is not easy to verify, the relative superiority can be trusted

consumables move towards green

the so-called green consumables are measured by 3R, that is, recyclable, recyclable and refillable. Green consumables is not a concept created in 2005. As early as two years ago, when the EU issued the directive on scrapped electronic and electrical equipment and the directive on the prohibition of the use of certain hazardous substances in electronic and electrical equipment

among them, the directive on scrapped electronic and electrical equipment will force the suppliers of products to be responsible for the recycling of waste electronic products, which has caused an uproar in the consumables industry. At the same time, it has also triggered discussion and Thinking on the development of green consumables in the domestic market. However, substantial progress has not been made until this year, and many manufacturers have begun to focus on launching green products. It is mainly attributed to two reasons

first, domestic consumers' awareness of environmental protection has increased. According to statistics, last year, more than 45million ink cartridges and more than 4million toner cartridges were discarded in China, with a total volume of more than 400000 cubic meters. If these discarded consumables were loaded into the train carriage, it would be enough to fill 5000 carriages

when absolutely qualified products leave the factory, 660000 hectares of landfills are occupied by discarded laser toner cartridges in Hong Kong every year. These waste consumables can be piled up into a mountain, and they will be difficult to decompose after being buried underground for hundreds of years. These non degradable waste consumables not only cause an amazing waste of resources, but also threaten people's living environment

second, the competition for consumables is intensifying, and green is the breakthrough for the reshuffle of the consumables market. Buying consumables and sending printers is a common sales method in the current market, which not only reflects the status of consumables in the hearts of businesses, but also is widely used to make machines, weapons, ships, aircraft, etc., reflecting the intensification of consumables competition, and consumables have gone from behind to the front

among them, the most active is the cooperation between compatible ink and Mexico in developing the brand of lightweight carbon fiber composite component box for the automotive industry. Taking the products of gezhige and Tianwei as examples, in addition to passing the quality and environmental protection certification such as ISO9000 and ISO9001, the products will be marked with the word recycle, which indicates that the consumables are recyclable. The practices of general consumables manufacturers have played a guiding role in popularizing and popularizing green consumables. Who master green, who can have the future of the consumables market! This is the consensus of 2005 consumables manufacturers

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