Storage and use of the hottest abrasive tools

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Storage and use of grinding tools

1. The actual linear speed of the grinding wheel shall not exceed the provisions in the following table

2. Before installing the grinding wheel, check the speed mark of the grinding wheel, and then check whether there is crack and damage, and conduct strength inspection

3. After the installation of the grinding wheel, it must be idled for no less than 5 minutes with a protective cover. It can only start working when it is sure that the grinding wheel has reliable strength

4. It is forbidden to use coolant that has destructive effect on the bond of grinding wheel

5. When handling the grinding wheel, avoid violent vibration and impact

6. According to the size and shape of the grinding wheel, it should be placed on the shelf and in the box respectively

7. Keep the grinding wheel away from moisture and cold

8. The storage period of resin bonded grinding wheel shall not exceed one year. If it is overdue, it must be strictly inspected, but for developers in most cities across the country, it can be used only after confirming that the quality is OK

safe linear speed of abrasive tools (M/s)

name code ceramic bond resin bond rubber bond

flat grinding wheel P 35 40 35

arc grinding wheel pH 35 40 -

double bevel grinding wheel psx 35 40 -

single bevel grinding wheel PDX 35 40 -

single concave grinding wheel PSA 35 40 35

single concave conical grinding wheel PZA 35 40 -

double concave grinding wheel PSA 35 40 35

double concave conical grinding wheel psza 35 40 -

cylindrical grinding wheel n NC 2530 -

cup wheel B 3035 -

bowl wheel BW 3035 -

disc wheel D 3035 -

grinding gauge wheel JL 3030 -

needle grinding wheel JZ 25 -

wafer grinding wheel Pb 3550 50

grinding rotor groove grinding wheel Pb 3535 -

tap polishing wheel p - 20

die polishing wheel p - 20

graphite polishing wheel P-30 -

mirror grinding wheel P-25 -

Flexible polishing wheel p - 25

thread grinding wheel P 5050 -

high speed grinding wheel - an expert from Beijing sanitation monitoring station said that 0 -

hardness Z1 and harder grinding wheel of Wuxi Xingda - 40 -

grinding head - 25 -

sand tile - 3030 -

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