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Hawthorn storage and preservation technology

first, the standard of harvest

the fruit turns dark red and the fruit spot is obvious. Generally, it is harvested from late September to late October. Cut off the fruit handle with scissors as much as possible. The harvested fruits are put under the canopy for 2 ~ 3 days to dissipate the heat in the field. Then put a cattail bag on the bottom of the basket, and put the qualified mountain plants into the basket (or box), with 25 ~ 30 kg per basket, covered and sealed

II. Storage temperature

the appropriate storage temperature is 0 ℃, and the packaging can be 0 ~ 3 ℃. The suitable storage humidity is 85% - 90%. Generally, it will be stored for about 5 months

III. storage method

1. Ditch storage method

select a high, dry and cool place, and excavate a trough in the north-south direction. The trench is 30 cm deep, 10 cm higher from the ground, 100 cm wide at the top and 90 cm wide at the bottom. The length depends on the field of view and storage capacity. At the bottom of the ditch, lay a layer of sorghum straw or corn straw that has been disinfected (disinfected, soaked in 0.5% bleach aqueous solution and dried), and then lay a layer of straw or leaves that have been disinfected with bleach and BVB sublime substrate and have undergone strict toxicity testing at the bottom and wall of the clamp ditch. The fruits are stacked in an arc in the ditch, with the middle about 15 cm higher than the ground, and both sides slightly lower than the ground. First sprinkle a layer of leaves on it, and then cover it with a reed mat. Before freezing, reed mats are covered to protect against the sun during the day, and open at night to cool down naturally. When the ground is thin with ice, only a layer of reed mat is covered. When the temperature begins to drop, the thickness of the cold proof material should continue to increase. After the temperature rises in spring, the covering is reserved for heat insulation. Mountain planting is best to go out of the ditch at one time

2. Cylinder storage method

first clean the cylinder with clean water, and then use 0 Wash and disinfect with 5% - 1% bleach powder and dry it for standby. Lay a layer of fine sand at the bottom of the tank, assuming that the machine is in standby mode, and then pour the selected Hawthorn into the tank in turn, pile it to the tank surface, and cover it with fresh cabbage leaves or radish leaves to maintain humidity. Put the VAT full of Hawthorn in the shade behind the room. Cover the cylinder cap in time in rainy days. From "heavy snow" to "winter solstice", combine the inverted VAT to pick up rotten fruits, move the VAT to a house without fire, and bind grass and seal it when it is frozen. Generally, the good fruit rate reaches more than 95% during the Spring Festival

3. Shelf storage method

and plastic granulator

soak the qualified Hawthorn in 0.1% carbendazim for 2 minutes, dry it after soaking, and then put it into polyethylene plastic bags with a length of 100 cm, a width of 75 cm and a thickness of 0.06 mm, each bag of 25 kg. In the early stage, the temperature is high, and the bags are not tied, overlapping each other and leaving a certain gap. The cellar is closed during the day and opened at night. As the temperature decreases, the bag mouth is tied and the covering is thickened, which is generally airtight. Try to create a storage environment up to or close to 0 ℃. If the shed and cellar are dry, water the ground for humidification. Hawthorn can be stored until April of the next year

4. Cold storage method

put qualified Hawthorn treated with carbendazim into 100 cm x75 cm polyethylene plastic bags, 25 kg each, and put some broken foam for construction soaked in saturated potassium permanganate to absorb the ethylene with ripening effect produced by Hawthorn itself. After precooling, the fruit is bagged and stored in the cold storage. The temperature in the warehouse is kept at - 2 ~ 0 ℃, and the humidity in the bag is kept at about 90%. When the oxygen in the bag is lower than 2% or the carbon dioxide is higher than 5%, open the bag for ventilation. This method can be stored for half a year

source: Chinese fruit

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