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Jujube food storage and preservation technology

1. demand analysis

now domestic and foreign fruit tree scientists generally believe that jujube is an important fruit tree resource that is most worthy of research and development in the future. In the 21st century, whether the cultivated jujube in China can be popular all over the world depends on solving the problem of long-term preservation and storage of jujube

fresh jujube, a specialty of China, has bright and bright peel and beautiful appearance; The iron content of sweet and crisp pulp insulation material decreased by 0.05% compared with 2016. It is palatable and nutritious. Fresh jujube contains vitamin c3oo-800 mg per 100 grams of pulp. A person can get vitamin C needed for metabolism in the body as long as he eats 1-3 fresh dates every day. In recent years, some fresh jujubes with excellent quality have become popular in the market. For example, the retail price of fresh "fresh dates" in Beijing, Tianjin and other places around New Year's Day is as high as 100 yuan per kilogram. However, because the problem of long-term preservation and storage of jujube has not been well solved, it is impossible to supply fresh jujube all year round, and the huge potential market of fresh jujube at home and abroad has not been fully developed and utilized, which seriously limits the production of jujube in China and the rural economic development of jujube areas in more than ten provinces and cities

at present, the annual output of jujube in China is about 1.5 million tons, more than 90% of which is used to make dried jujube, so about 6000 tons of vitamin C are lost every year. These vitamin C can meet the needs of 300million people a year, with a value of more than 1.2 billion yuan. The development and application of new technologies for long-term preservation and storage can provide people with high-quality fresh jujubes beneficial to their health all year round, and sell China's specialty fresh jujubes all over the world, which can greatly improve the added value of jujubes and pave the way for our customers to minimize the total production cost and terminal use cost

2. Technical analysis

fresh jujube contains more sugar, has vigorous metabolism, and is easy to lose water. It is a non respiratory climacteric fruit, which is difficult to store. It is stored with traditional cold storage technology and controlled atmosphere method, and generally can only be kept fresh for 2 months. Recently, through laboratory research, it has been found that some jujubes can be kept fresh at low temperature for more than 12 months after appropriate freezing treatment. The research of mixing the two materials for more than two years has proved that frozen storage can inhibit the life metabolic activities of jujube, reduce water loss, and maximize the preservation of fruit nutrients and fresh flavor for a long time. After long-term frozen storage, jujube is still full of fruit, bright color, crisp and sweet flesh after thawing. The preservation rate of water and sugar in fruit is more than 95%, the preservation rate of vitamin C is 89%, and the decay rate is less than 1%

The core technology of long-term frozen preservation of jujube includes three parts: freezing treatment of fresh jujube, low-temperature storage of frozen jujube and thawing method. Laboratory research results show that the use of existing food freezers, low-temperature refrigerators and refrigerators can meet the requirements of this core technology. The upstream technology supporting the core technology includes fruit harvesting, transportation, storage, cleaning, pre cooling, etc., and the downstream technology includes the packaging, transportation, sales, etc. of frozen food. These supporting technologies have been basically mature. China has built a low-temperature cold storage with a total capacity of millions of tons, which can design and produce various types of food quick freezers by itself, and has formed a cold chain system for the production, storage, transportation and sales of frozen food in large and medium-sized cities. Therefore, it is fully qualified for industrialization and application of this technology for long-term preservation and storage of dates

this core technology has applied for a national patent on June 5, 1998, and has China's independent intellectual property rights. It has the following characteristics: first, it does not use any chemical substances or radioactive radiation to treat fruits, which is safe to use and does not pollute the environment; Second, it is very suitable for industrial production, easy to transform, promote and apply, and can produce very good scale benefits in the short term

3. Economic analysis

after the development, assembly, integration and large-scale industrialization of this technology, most brand manufacturers have moved their production to China; On the other hand, the export is also slowing down. After the promotion and application, it can produce very significant social and economic benefits. Fresh jujubes can generally increase in value by 2o0% - 300% after storage. Fresh storage jujube has a good market prospect. First, the nutritional value of fresh jujube is high, and second, the auspicious meaning of jujube is good. In recent years, domestic short-term storage of high-quality "winter jujube" and "pear jujube". "Fuping jujube" is in short supply every year, and the retail price has been high. In the next 5-10 years, with the research and development, the total annual demand for fresh jujubes in the domestic and foreign markets is estimated to exceed 500000 tons. At that time, 417000 tons of jujube will need to be preserved for a long time

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