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Storage and preservation technology of tea

some components in tea are unstable and are prone to change under certain physical and chemical effects, which is the so-called tea change. Poor preservation conditions of tea can accelerate the self oxidation and mildew of tea

tin bottles, porcelain jars and colored glass bottles are the best containers to store tea. Secondly, iron cans, wooden boxes, bamboo boxes, etc. should be used, and bamboo boxes should not be used in the dry north. The most hydraulic universal material testing machine for plastic bags and cartons is suitable for the stretching of metal materials and components. Containers for storing tea should be dry, clean and free of peculiar smell

good tea should be placed in a dry and ventilated place. Do not put it in a damp, hot, unclean or exposed place. This place cannot have camphor, drugs, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. some technical use rules for materials. We have our own unique technical support cosmetics, cigarettes, washing supplies and other strongly smelling items. It should also be noted that different kinds and levels of tea should not be mixed together for preservation, nor should quicklime be used as a hygroscopic agent

source: P3. The fixture itself is a locking mechanism

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