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Storage maintenance knowledge of hand-held rice transplanter

1. When the engine is running at medium speed, clean it with water and completely remove dirt. Don't stop running immediately after cleaning is also a good enrichment project, but continue to turn for minutes. (subtitle - pay attention to prevent water from entering the air filter)

2. Open the front engine cover, close the fuel filter, loosen the oil pipe to drain the oil, install the oil pipe after draining, loosen the oil drain bolt of the carburetor, and completely drain the gasoline in the carburetor to avoid oxidation, rust and blockage in the carburetor

3. In order to prevent the cylinder inner wall and valve from rusting, open the spark plug, inject about 20ml of new engine oil into the cremation plug hole, check the spark plug, if there is carbon deposition, remove it with sandpaper, and adjust the electrode gap to 0. It is clearly stated in the made in China 2025 issued by the State Council that by 2020 7mm mm is enough. Install the spark plug and pull the starter for about 10 turns; Install the front graphics zoom cover

4. Connect the main clutch, slowly pull the recoil starter, and stop at the position with compression feeling

5. In order to prolong the service life of the pressure spring in the planting arm, the planting fork should be placed at the lowest position (in the state of pressing seedlings)

6. The main clutch handle and the planting clutch handle are "disconnected", the oil pressure handle is "lowered", and the signal light switch is "stopped"

7. The cleaned rice transplanter should be covered with a cover and stored in a place with less dust and moisture and no direct sunlight to fix the position of the slider, so as to prevent wind, rain and sun exposure

the above introduction is about the use and maintenance of the walking transplanter. Machine transplanting can be free from the restrictions of regions and varieties, and has the advantage of large-scale popularization and application. It is an important way to improve the land output rate and labor productivity of rice

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