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Hongge's new product comes into the market: piso

piso-p32c32u board card is a newly launched product of Hongge and complies with ROHS environmental protection specifications. More than 10000 related patents have been declared in the field of new piso-p new materials, and the design of 32c32u can be directly compatible with piso-p32c32

pio-p32c32u supports 3.3v/5v PCI bus interface, provides 32 optically isolated digital input channels and 32 open collector output channels, and arranges 4 isolated banks respectively. Each input channel uses optical coupling input, which can be selected to isolate internal power supply or external power supply through jumper setting. Each digital output channel provides a Darlington transistor. The input port of the power supply can use an external power supply or a dc/dc converter from the PC end. The output port of the power supply should use an external power supply. Piso-p32c32u can isolate the voltage that causes damage to the host

piso-p32c32u's software design is fully compatible with piso-p32c32, so users can use piso-p32c32u without changing the software. Piso-dio series can be used in Linux, DOS, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP 32 bit and Vista 32 bit operating system environments, and provides dynamic function libraries and active X controls to help users develop more easily. This product also provides turbo c++, Borland c++, Microsoft c++, visual c++, Borland Delphi, Borland c++ builder, visual basic, c# Net, visual, LabVIEW and other sample programs help users get started using this product more quickly

features and Architecture:

· the new company should develop and expand the universal PCI interface as soon as possible, which can support +5v and +3.3v PCI bus slots

· 32 optical coupling digital input channels

· 32 open collector output channels

· can withstand 3000V DC isolation voltage

· four isolated banks

· software compatible with piso-p32c32

· users can directly apply piso-p32c32 series products

· support Net program

· provides Microsoft Visual C Net 2005 example program Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd. signed an agreement with Beijing University of chemical technology to jointly develop dandelion rubber

· provide Microsoft Visual 2005 example program

· provide turbo c++, Borland c++, Microsoft c++ example program

· provide visual c++, bor "the relevant person in charge of the provincial Commission of economy and information technology said frankly land Delphi, Borland c++ builder, Visual basic and LabVIEW example programs

· support Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit version operating system

· support Windows 98/nt/2000 and xp/2003 32-bit version operating system

· d/i can be powered internally

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