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"Smart policing": Ping'an Longgang under information technology

Longgang, located in the east of Shenzhen, has a vast area and beautiful environment. Especially since the Universiade, it has been in people's vision with an international and high-standard municipal planning level. Longgang public security branch, with one seventh of the police force in Shenzhen, administers more than one third of the city's area and manages one quarter of the city's population. The social security of the whole region has improved significantly year by year and entered a virtuous circle

among them, a set of data from Longgang Baogang police station is really eye-catching: in the first half of this year, the station received a total of 1234 cases of general criminal security police, with varying degrees of increase and progress, with a decrease of 45.44% and 49.25% month on month; There were 39 cases of theft, a year-on-year decrease of 18.8% and a month on month decrease of 55.7%; There were 479 cases of criminal security fraud, a year-on-year decrease of 37.05% and a month on month decrease of 42.35%. If the data scope is extended to Longgang District, in the first half of this year, the total police situation of criminal public security in the district decreased by 28.79% year-on-year, the largest decline in the city

groups of gorgeous data, some people may wonder, what is the secret behind it? In fact, the social security order in Longgang District has become more stable and orderly, thanks to the fact that Longgang District has first implemented a series of smart police reforms with Longgang characteristics in the process of promoting the construction of smart Longgang, and the effect of strengthening the police through informatization is immediately apparent

breaking down information barriers and converging, but accurately positioning resources of all parties

the national big data strategy for transportation. Last October, Longgang District took the lead in setting up a special data planning department in the city - Longgang District data planning office. One of the important responsibilities of this department is to organize and coordinate the sharing of government information resources, and guide and promote the application of big data analysis in government affairs. After the establishment of the data planning department, the primary problem to be solved is how to improve the overall public security environment in Longgang by means of informatization and ensure that people live and work in peace and contentment. Through communication and cooperation with Longgang Public Security Bureau, the district data coordination office has made efforts to break the information barrier between departments, gather resources from all parties, coordinate development and application, and support scientific decision-making. According to the plan, Longgang has launched three phases of smart police construction, namely, information integration construction of the information center, construction of the data center computer room, and expansion and application of the data center

Longgang united with Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. to build the city's first branch cloud data center, covering an area of 637.8 square meters. Relying on Huawei cloud platform and 10 high-performance servers, it will migrate more than 20 business systems running on physical servers to the cloud platform. At the same time, it will launch police cube, multidimensional analysis and other innovative police information systems. At present, the cloud platform has carried more than 100 virtual machines and operates stably; The branch has hundreds of millions of data stored in Huawei big data analysis platform every day; With the massive data analysis and fast retrieval capabilities provided by Huawei big data platform, the distributed storage platform for image warehousing of more than 4tb has realized the real-time retrieval and analysis of Pb level license plate, face, WiFi and other data, effectively improving the efficiency of police handling cases. Under the "Internet + thinking", Longgang police has made breakthroughs in basic information collection, social control and serving the people's livelihood, which has been widely recognized by the masses

a significant advantage of the intelligent policing mode is that the daily patrol and police information disposal are more complete, so as to scientifically adjust the direction of the police force and realize that the police force follows the police information. The intelligent transformation of Baogang police station has changed the original rigid management mode of the police force and established a smart police force with the concept of police force walking around the police situation. In the first half of this year, the police station concluded through criminal intelligence analysis that the cases mostly occurred in the community rather than on the road. Therefore, the police station decisively reduced the redundant police force on the road, increased the proportion of community security officers, and increased 70 police forces in the community, suppressing the occurrence of theft. At the same time, Baogang police station formulated police action through data comparison and market prosperity analysis. At the beginning of the year, the police station concluded through data comparison and statistical analysis that more than 45% of the cases under its jurisdiction are non-contact public security fraud crimes. Therefore, the police station organized 16 policemen and nearly 100 auxiliary policemen to carry out highly targeted anti fraud publicity for the vulnerable groups in non-contact fraud cases. They made overall plans and took advantage of the increasingly prominent problem of express delivery pollution for more than a month to carry out effective work in a centralized manner, which changed the high incidence of fraud prevention at one fell swoop

the city's first technology enclosed community

at the end of May, a shop theft case occurred in the area under the jurisdiction of Baogang police station. Not only more than 3000 yuan of goods were stolen, but the safe in the shop disappeared. The police visited and extracted the surrounding videos for analysis. By viewing the video data, the police locked the suspect and arrested him at one stroke. The police's ability to solve cases so efficiently is inseparable from the high-tech video surveillance Ping'an day organized by Longgang District in recent years

for a long time, the public security environment in the urban village community has been criticized by the people. In recent years, Longgang District has comprehensively promoted the construction of various video surveillance systems, which has not only comprehensively improved the scientific and technological content of the public security prevention and control system, enhanced the dynamic management level of social security, and helped to detect and stop various illegal and criminal activities in a timely manner. It is understood that the construction of a class of public security video monitoring system has been written into the practical affairs of the people's livelihood of Longgang District Government in the past two years. According to the plan, the construction of 3500 high-definition monitoring points will be completed within two years. Last year, Longgang District promoted the scientific and technological containment system in the whole district, forming a mass prevention and mass governance work mode combining civil air defense and technical defense. By the end of June, 73 science and technology enclosed communities had been completed ahead of schedule, and 75 more will be built on this basis during the year

the technology enclosed community is one of the achievements of implementing smart policing in Longgang District. Under the background that the district Party committee and the district government clearly put forward the construction planning of the smart city, the relevant departments in Longgang are guided by reform and innovation, and make solid plans for the construction of smart police with Longgang characteristics. Specifically, it includes:

realizing the deep coverage of the three high standards of Ping'an Longgang electronic monitoring. 3555 Longgang public security branches have been completed in the first phase of the project, and another 4600 are planned in the second phase

the city's first checkpoint vehicle identification network was built, and the license plate recognition system was synchronously installed at 51 gas stations in the region, all of which used high-definition optical fiber for stable and high-speed data transmission

seven multi-functional UAVs were purchased and the first UAV squadron in the city was established. The practical application effect was obvious, such as UAV traffic law enforcement, UAV photography and evidence collection, and won the second prize in the first China UAV police application skills competition organized by the Ministry of public security in 2015

police cloud terminals are distributed on two lines. The police allocated 2480 units, which has completed 100% full coverage, and took the lead in allocating 5067 cloud terminals for the auxiliary police team in the city, of which the front-line patrol officers have achieved full coverage

efficiently integrate government affairs, public security and video expertise to achieve three interoperability, data sharing, 10 Gigabit exchange and multi-source acquisition. At present, the collected data has been fused and aggregated in the unified database of the branch. The efficient aggregation of massive data provides support for big data analysis of police work

smart Longgang is coming

smart policing is only an epitome of the implementation of smart Longgang construction in Longgang District. According to the description of smart Longgang by the Longgang District Party committee and government, in 2016, Longgang District will work with Huawei and its partners to promote 11 key projects of smart Longgang through the five + mode of end-to-end + + library + map + cloud. At that time, Longgang's urban infrastructure will be intelligent, government affairs will be efficient and collaborative, public services will be inclusive, social management will be accurate, urban life will be livable, and industrial development will be high-end

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