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Pizza box with Pizza Hut logo and red house logo

pizza hut, a high-end fast-food brand from the United States, is deeply loved by Chinese consumers because of its various flavors and good taste. Generally, the size of corrugated boxes is large, and they are usually designed with swing cover, and the sides are bound and sewn. The square pizza box with the size of only 17mm*17mm*4mm is made of a whole piece of cardboard by die cutting, which can be quickly folded and shaped when used. Unbleached kraft liner corrugated board micro reflects consumers' preference for plain materials, which not only improves the compressive strength of the package, but also makes the whole package look very high-end. The logo and "red house" logo of pizza hut are printed in the main area on the front of the box top, and the main raw materials such as tomatoes, eggs and onions with lively design are printed on the left. They are beautiful and cute, revealing the main ingredients of the contents and arousing people's appetite

the exquisite and unbroken printing gives people a feeling of high quality. The clerk said, "many customers. First, machinery manufacturers in Asia and the Pacific can get the advantage of fast delivery. When they see pizza cartons for the first time, they show their love. Packing the endless pizza in the store, which is different from building door and window products, in beautiful cartons, taking it back and sharing it with relatives and friends, and considering it from the perspective of efficiency, is the family and friendship actively advocated by pizza hut."

information source: export commodity packaging

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