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Promote the transformation and upgrading of the bearing industry Pingtan "intelligent friction technology" cooperation signing

on June 18, 2017 China Pingtan entrepreneur and scientist innovation forum was held in Fuzhou. At the forum, Ma'anshan fulcrum Chuanfu intelligent friction Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd., Fujian Longxi bearing (Group) Co., Ltd. and Ma'anshan kemiao venture capital center held an investment cooperation signing ceremony. They will jointly invest in the establishment of a joint venture in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, to carry out the process validation of intelligent friction transmission technology and small batch trial production of products, and realize the industrialization of intellectual property rights of intelligent friction technology in the field of bearings in stages. This is an important step taken by the cooperation between intelligent friction technology and Longxi Co., Ltd., the leader of the domestic joint bearing industry, after the breakthrough in the research and development of pneumatic engines, which is a major innovation achievement of the Pingtan Innovation Forum. It is also the latest achievement promoted by the transformation mechanism of scientific and technological achievements of the integration of government, industry, University, research, use of resources and media of the Pingtan Innovation Forum

Li Yizhong, President of the China Federation of industrial economics, Liu Yanhua, counselor of the State Council, Tian Lipu, President of the China Intellectual Property Research Association, Zhu Hongren, executive vice president and President of the China Federation of enterprises, Li Chuan, President of the Fujian Association of enterprises and entrepreneurs, Li Mingxing, vice president of the China Federation of enterprises, Wang Jianhua, executive vice president and Secretary General of the China Association for the promotion of industry university research cooperation Rong Jianying, executive vice president of the China Federation of industrial economics, Li Minrong, director of the China intelligence science and technology evaluation and Research Center, Lu Xi, inspector of the science and Technology Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Wen Sheng, Secretary General of the Pingtan innovation forum, and leaders of Fujian Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Fujian Provincial Department of science and technology and other relevant departments witnessed the signing ceremony

intelligent friction technology is an original technology that can realize intelligent and effective control of friction transmission of mechanical parts and has independent intellectual property rights, which is launched by Professor Xu Shuishui of Xiamen University on the basis of intelligent tribology transmission theory system, after nearly 20 years of arduous technical research, continuous improvement of design and process, and repeated trial production tests. The application of this technology subverts the structure of traditional products, breaks the monopoly of foreign technology, and realizes the independent guarantee of core technology. As an original parent technology, it subverts the traditional design concept and systematically solves the problem of early failure of mechanical transmission, especially the core basic transmission parts involved in the national strategy. High end one-way clutch, high-end gear based on intelligent friction technology If there is an opportunity for high-end bearings and energy saving, you can go to the automobile factory to have a look. The industrialization implementation of the torque converter project will boost the development of automatic transmissions, especially high-end lightweight automatic transmissions, and will have a far-reaching impact on the autonomy of high-end products and breaking the monopoly of foreign technology. At present, intelligent friction technology has been successfully applied to clutch and other products, and 12 patents have been authorized, and more than 20 patents need to be authorized

since its launch as a major innovation project of the Pingtan Innovation Forum in 2016, the smart friction project has been successfully launched through the joint promotion of relevant departments such as the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Fujian Provincial Economic and Information Commission, the Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Fujian Provincial Department of Science and technology, and the Pingtan innovation forum and its host and co organizers through the docking mechanism of the forum's major innovation projects, and the pilot industrialization of the "smart bearing" project based on the key core infrastructure of made in China 2025, This is the last critical step for it to enter the market with the organic combination of science and technology, finance and industry

bearings are extremely important basic transmission parts in mechanical equipment. They are widely used in wind power generation, high-end machine tools, rail transit, military trucks, tanks and helicopters, aerospace and other fields, and are closely related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. In 2016, the domestic bearing output value was 190billion yuan, and the import was about 4.5 billion dollars, while the global consumption of high-end bearings was as high as 35billion dollars. Although China is a major producer of bearings, it is not a major producer. A team of researchers from the Cavendish Laboratory of the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, the Massachusetts Institute of technology in the United States, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the United States and the Colorado Institute of mining found that China is a powerful country. Domestic products are mostly concentrated in low-end products with low prices and thin profits. Most of the high-end product market is occupied by a few international famous bearing manufacturers, such as aerospace, high-speed rail, high-end machine tools and other high-end bearing markets, which are not only expensive, but also controlled by others. The localization level of key components such as precision bearings restricts the development of national industry to a considerable extent. Guide for the selection of universal testing machine

industry insiders believe that this cooperation will include: 1. The main engine adopts the Shimadzu oil cylinder lower six column structure in Japan, which will help promote the improvement of China's precision bearing technology level and manufacturing capacity, as well as the localization process of key parts, boost the implementation of the strong foundation project, and accelerate the made in China 2025. They hope that all parties to the cooperation will work hard to achieve the industrial goals as soon as possible, and explore a successful path for the transformation of innovative achievements

Ma'anshan Zhidian Chuanfu intelligent friction Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd. is jointly funded and established by Chuanfu Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Zhidian Investment Management Co., Ltd. the company relies on the strong scientific research strength of the Xiamen University team, based on the technical achievements of the "intelligent friction transmission technology" system, focuses on the R & D, production and technology docking of high-end basic transmission parts, and establishes a cross industry application industry technology co creation alliance, Boost industrial upgrading and mergers and acquisitions

Fujian Longxi bearing (Group) Co., Ltd. is a modern listed company that produces and operates joint bearings, tapered roller bearings, gears, gearboxes and auto parts. It is one of the top 100 enterprises with core competitiveness in China's machinery industry, a key high-tech enterprise in the national Torch Program, and a national innovative pilot enterprise

Ma'anshan kemiao venture capital center is one of the foreign investment platforms of Shanghai fulcrum Investment Management Co., Ltd. in line with the purpose of "assisting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and promoting industrial upgrading", Shanghai fulcrum is deeply engaged in the field of basic industries in China. It is currently the largest element reorganization resource integration platform in the field of hard science and technology investment in China. At the same time, aiming at the problems existing in the transformation process of scientific and technological achievements, it refines and summarizes a set of technology transformation The three in one resource integration and reorganization mode of industrial upgrading and harmonious de capacity truly realizes the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries promoted by science and technology finance

this time, Ma'anshan fulcrum Chuanfu intelligent friction Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Ma'anshan kemiao venture capital center joined hands with Longxi Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in the bearing field with the purpose of "science and technology guidance and innovation drive", to establish Fujian Jindian Chuanfu Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. to realize the finalization and mass production of new bearing series products in stages, and gradually apply them to rail transit, wind power generation, high-end machine tools And high-end applications such as military trucks, tanks and aerospace. On this basis, it is proposed to promote the industrialization transformation achievements to the national bearing industry, so as to promote the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of China's bearing industry

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