PLA developed by Tongji University is developing t

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PLA developed by Tongji University is developing towards large-scale production

Tongji University has made a major breakthrough in the industrialization of biodegradable material polylactic acid (PLA), known as corn plastic pellets. 2. PLA with a minimum graduation value of 0.01j has been built into a 100 ton pilot production line, and a 10000 ton production line will be built this year

corn plastic adopts biological fermentation technology. Mr. Wu produces lactic acid, a transparent liquid that serves various industries and develops in depth, and then generates PLA that can be completely biodegradable through special polymerization, It can make plastic packaging materials take off the hat of "environmental pollution".

with the success of the pilot test of the 100 ton PLA pilot production line, the 10000 ton production line will be launched this year. By the end of next year and the year after, Shanghai will be able to use China's independently innovative corn plastic products, and then they will participate in the bidding of the Beijing Olympic Games, striving to form a large-scale application. The 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo will also use PLA to "package". At present, researchers are focusing on the construction problem, which is the first two technical difficulties to overcome, improve heat resistance and reduce costs

It is mainly divided into two categories: Category 1 is non degradable

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