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On August 20, the first photovoltaic power generation project in changdejin, Hunan Province was officially signed and launched in the Tianjin Industrial Park, creating a new chapter in the application of clean energy in Tianjin

at the signing site, lijingfeng, vice mayor of Tianjin and Li Yang, vice mayor of Shanghai rizhisheng New Technology Development Co., Ltd., as well as relevant leaders of China Merchants Group, Health Bureau, Personnel Bureau, Jiashan industrial new area and jinyuling sub district office, paid high attention to the first application of clean energy in Tianjin

the first Tianjin photovoltaic power generation project, with a total investment of 250million yuan, was fully built by changdelan tianwuling Energy Technology Co., Ltd. to build a 20MW photovoltaic power station using 450000 square meters of the roofs of plants in Tianjin Industrial Park. The project will be completed in December this year. It will mainly supply green power for production and office of enterprises affiliated to the roof, and operate with the municipal power. After completion, it will have a significant effect on energy conservation and emission reduction. It is estimated that the annual power generation will be 17million kwh, 6120 tons of standard coal will be saved, and about 16034 tons of carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced, that is, the deforestation of 160.34 million square meters will be reduced

Lantian Wuling is an investment platform for Lantian group, one of the top 100 enterprises in Hunan, focusing on new energy. Xiaoheping, chairman of Lantian Wuling Technology Co., Ltd., said that in the future, the company will continue to increase its investment in Hunan's new energy industry. In the year, it may cause micro cracks due to large stress concentration. It is planned to invest more than one billion in the province to build a photovoltaic power station of nearly 100 MW, establish the demonstration utility of photovoltaic application in central and southern Hunan, and strive to create a new pattern of Hunan's new energy industry

photovoltaic industry is an important development direction of global energy technology and industry. It is a sunrise industry with great development potential. It is the operating instructions and maintenance of the falling ball impact testing machine. It is also a strategic emerging industry with international competitive advantages in China. The development of Hunan photovoltaic industry is of great significance to adjust the energy structure, promote the energy production and consumption revolution, and promote the construction of ecological civilization. Zhonghua glass () Department

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