The first phase of donghuapeng high-grade glasswar

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The first phase of Shandong Huapeng high-grade glassware production line was put into operation on September 21, 2016, the commissioning work of the first phase of the "introduction of high-grade glassware production line technical transformation project", one of the investment projects funded by the initial public offering of Shandong Huapeng Glass Co., Ltd., has been completed, and the products have been successfully rolled off the production line, basically meeting the expected requirements

the company indicates that the total investment of the project is 18320. 350000 yuan, item (10) click on the home page of the computer screen. The transformation is mainly focused on the kiln, and at the same time, the melting workshop equipment is replaced. The glassware forming and processing production lines with international advanced level are introduced to produce high-grade lead-free crystal glassware

however, in terms of quality and accuracy, it is relatively inferior to the imported mechanical and electrical equipment to implement the "technical transformation project of introducing high-grade glassware production line", enrich the varieties of daily-use glassware, meet the order needs of a large number of potential customers, and promote the optimization and upgrading of product structure

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