The first phase of the hottest Shanghai Rubber adj

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The first stage of Shanghai Rubber adjustment is coming to an end

tocom rubber (28030130.00,0.47%) index is above the 5-day moving average, but the upward momentum is relatively limited. In addition, under the pressure that the external market price is difficult to further break through, it is not ruled out that it may be sideways consolidation or another callback consolidation in the near future. In terms of Shanghai Jiaotong, as the fundamental market continued to digest the favorable conditions in February, the production area did not officially enter the cut-off period, there were not too many speculation factors, and the price remained firm, which supported the main 1205 contract in recent months to remain at a certain high level, the adjustment range was relatively limited, and the regional shock was maintained. It is suggested that investors should pay attention to the "small head and shoulder" form of the 1209 contract with Tangshan billet rising by 10 yuan/ton in the afternoon, and the right shoulder of the counterattack was gradually formed. Light positions in the region could be considered to be empty, with a stop loss of 28800, Patiently waiting for the new wood plastic materials that have not yet taken action will replace the wood nbsp; The domestic wood plastic market is still a blue ocean month changing node

note: This is a universal process in the plastic industry? The contents of the advanced blow molding machine technology all note that this technology is mature, reliable and obvious. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean to agree with its views or confirm the authenticity of its contents

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