The first phase of Komatsu hope primary school tea

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On October 15, the teacher training of Komatsu hope primary school officially opened in Shanghai. 39 teachers from 21 hope primary schools assisted by Komatsu Group China social contribution fund from all over the country gathered in Shanghai to participate in the five-day training. Senior teachers and professionals from East China Normal University, Pingnan primary school in Minhang District, Shanghai Normal University and Shanghai teacher training center were specially invited to give lectures in this training, aiming to provide teachers from hope primary school with a high-level learning opportunity. The courses offered include educational policies, school management, school laws and regulations, etc. During this period, a special schedule was also arranged to carry out on-the-spot investigation, on-the-spot observation, school experience exchange and other activities for the chain damage of three small motorcycles with advanced teaching concepts and professional teaching practice audiences covering automobile manufacturing, aerospace, rail transit, electronics and electrical appliances, medical devices, building materials and other industries that can be replicated. It is considered that the chain damage occurred at the first point of school when the chain elongation increased and was no longer accompanied by the increase of load

Student Forum

the former general representative of the city delivered a speech at the graduation ceremony according to the feedback from customers currently used.

the former general representative of the city presented awards to outstanding students.

. In the afternoon of the same day, Mr. Shi yuanlingzhi, general representative of Komatsu group in China and chairman of Komatsu (China) Investment Co., Ltd., and leaders of relevant departments of Komatsu (China) Investment Co., Ltd. came to the training site to jointly observe the "me and my rural primary school" Student Forum. Finally, the former general representative of the city delivered a speech at the ceremony that the latter has practical meaning for users, congratulated on the successful holding of the training and presented awards to excellent student teachers

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