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Lubrizol invested US $200million in the first phase of China set up an additive factory

the rapid expansion of the Asian automotive industry has greatly driven the consumer demand for lubricants and carbon scavengers. In August this year, lubri1, a special chemical company under Warren Buffett, announced that the additive production plant opened in Guangdong had been officially completed by intensifying the standard preparation and revision work. The first phase of the project of this factory has an investment of 200million US dollars, and the production scale of 4billion yuan will be formed after all the projects are completed

Lubrizol invested USD 200million in the first phase to set up an additive factory in China. According to the data, Lubrizol is the world's largest supplier of lubricant additives, and its market share accounts for one third of the world. Last year, the company generated about $6.1 billion in revenue. It is understood that the above plants will also form a close supporting industry with the existing "shell lubricant project" and "Aowei carbon removal project". Therefore, Zhuhai, Guangdong will also become the largest lubricant additive production base in China

at present, China has become the largest automobile market in the world, accounting for one fourth of the global automobile sales. Automotive lubricants and carbon scavengers are key consumables in the automotive industry. The driving and engine maintenance of automobiles are inseparable from them. The quality is directly related to the life and property safety of owners and surrounding people. This new standard is drafted by the National Plastics Standardization Committee, and its functional status is self-evident. According to the data disclosed by the National Bureau of statistics, as early as 2010, the apparent consumption of lubricating oil in China reached 10.813 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 13.1%. Compared with the total demand of 40million tons in the global lubricant market, it also accounts for about a quarter of the share

some industry analysts believe that Lubrizol's goal in setting up a plant in China is obviously to meet the needs of the Chinese market. In this regard, hanbok, chairman, President and CEO of Lubrizol, said that the company would implement a long-term investment and steady growth strategy in China, and the Zhuhai plant could be further expanded in the future to meet the growing needs of the Chinese market and partners

Lubrizol China, a subsidiary of Buffett, has set up a plant to meet the demand

Lubrizol's method of analyzing iron content in lubricating oil this company, which has a history of more than 80 years, has more than 1600 patents, and its additives are used by many leading enterprises in the world, including "shell", "Mobil", "Aowei clean carbon" and other popular brands

Lubrizol, the world's largest supplier of lubricant additives, has set up a factory in China, which fully demonstrates its great importance and confidence in the Chinese market, and will also strongly promote the development of the lubricant and carbon scavenger market; Based on years of cooperation experience with Lubrizol in the United States, Aowei qingjic is fully confident to promote the development and upgrading of the industry together with Lubrizol, the authority of the world's lubrication technology, with its leading edge in the carbon scavenger industry; We are also convinced that both Lubrizol and Aowei Qingji carbon promise to start a new journey in China. Therefore, we are more confident and look forward to the cooperation prospect of Lubrizol after it enters China to set up a factory

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