The first phase of training for the hottest Sany a

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Sany and parfiger oil cylinder project carried out the first phase of training. Sany and parfiger oil cylinder project carried out the first phase of training. On October 28, three technical engineers from Sany ZTE company conducted the first phase of learning and exchange at the Bulgarian teneva oil cylinder factory in parfiger. Rauch, general manager of tneva oil cylinder factory in Bulgaria, is full of expectations for this cooperation project. He said that the members of the exchange group are very passionate and have done an excellent job so far

it is understood that Sany technical engineers have participated in the cross-cultural training organized by parfiger in teneva oil cylinder factory. During the training, the trainer verenawied was able to even lead the development of the industry. Erkehr helped everyone quickly discover and understand the differences and similarities between the Chinese and Bulgarian cultures through different games. During the training, the project participants obtained a lot of important information, especially the positive feedback on the establishment of friendship and relationship with colleagues, which greatly improved the project team's ability to promote the progress and development of plastic blending technology, new plastic additives and utilization technology

Dailixin, general manager of Sany ZTE, said that in the process of this international exchange project, Sany engineers will first explore and understand the main processes of parfiger in terms of process, manufacturing and quality assurance with the support of Bulgarian team members and experts, and input the collected information into a knowledge database. Then, in this database, both parties can compare the processes of the two companies, add their mechanical functions through appropriate heat treatment process and determine the best practice. Finally, the Bulgarian engineers of parfiger will return to China with the Sany team to collect more process information in Sany ZTE

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