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In the process of using the water heater, many high-rise residents will have such troubles. Usually, the water heater is well used. When you want to take a bath in windy weather, you suddenly "strike", and often you will not catch fire, or the gas will turn off automatically during the bath. In addition, for the same gas water heater, the water heater installed on the high floor is often "emotional", and the water temperature is often cold and hot, which is extremely unstable, while the low floor is relatively rare. Is the gas water heater really "afraid of heights"

it turns out that the gas water heater needs to consume oxygen from the outside during its operation and discharge the exhaust gas after combustion. The flue pipe has been "airflow transmission" with the outside world throughout the process. Once ordinary gas-fired water heaters encounter windy weather, under the condition of high wind pressure, the smoke pipe will not be able to exchange gas with the outside world normally, resulting in the water heater's failure to ignite, gas self extinguishing and other phenomena. In addition, the water pressure of high-rise households fluctuates greatly, and the problem of low water pressure is common during the peak period of water use, which is easy to cause the water temperature of the gas water heater to be cold and hot, affecting the experience of hot water use

Cohen kitchen appliances officially released the "zero cold water" intelligent gas water heater jsq30-16kn60 on the market today. The stepless frequency conversion technology automatically adjusts the fan speed, resists wind and stabilizes flame. The booster pump it carries can rise by 10 meters. The water heater is installed on the first floor and can be used normally on the third floor. The preheating time of the 13 meter water pipe is only about 1 minute and 20 seconds. The three stage combustion chambers can be used normally under 500pa wind pressure (over 11 levels), whether in high-rise buildings Or users of old buildings can use the water heater normally. At the same time, its low-pressure combustion technology also ensures that even under the condition of low air pressure, the gas can still be fully burned, saving energy and gas while reducing the generation of Co

not only that, Cohen's "zero cold water" intelligent gas water heater jsq30-16kn60 original core patented technology, the hot water in the circulating water pipe can be connected with the cold water pipe, while the cold water cannot flow to the hot water pipe, reaching the "zero cold water" state. In addition, the innovative water flow sensor automatically circulates the hot water, and the temperature of the zero cold water can always be controlled at 35 ℃ -45 ℃. It can run freely under ultra-low water pressure and solve the problem of sudden cold and hot. When the water temperature fluctuates, the instantaneous feedback makes accurate allocation of the water air ratio, truly realizing the whole process of water temperature 0 fluctuation, so that you can enjoy a comfortable and uninterrupted hot water experience




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