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In the decoration of new houses, the choice of ceramic tiles is very troublesome. In the face of various brands in the market, it is not easy to "know the root and bottom" in a short time

ceramic tiles, due to their smooth and hard surface texture, a variety of designs and colors, as well as the advantages of convenient construction and easy care, have become the highlight of the purchase of main decoration materials. However, there are many brands and colors in the market, and the professional names of glazed tiles, full-length tiles, polished tiles, vitrified tiles and so on are dazzling. The following editor will introduce the misunderstanding of ceramic tile purchase and the types of ceramic tiles

mistakes in choosing ceramic tiles

1. Shoddy

when choosing ceramic tiles, consumers usually notice that there are grades marked on the outer package of ceramic tiles, but they rarely know this grade, and there are articles to do. At present, ceramic tile manufacturers do not regulate the classification of grades. Some manufacturers' first-class products are excellent products. Therefore, it is best to ask about the classification of commodity brand manufacturers when buying ceramic tiles. But usually, the top-grade products are the best, followed by the first-class products and second-class products. Some bad businesses will sell first-class products and second-class products as high-quality products, and the price is naturally much higher. Therefore, consumers should be particularly careful not to be fooled

2. Subcontracting behavior

although consumers are interested in brand products in the store, unexpectedly, some bad businesses have adopted subcontracting behavior, but when they are delivered to consumers' homes, they are other brand tiles of the same design and style. If the consumer has any objection, the product will be returned. If the consumer does not see the flaw, he will take the opportunity to earn the price difference

3. Confuse the false with the true

in the market, brand-name ceramic tiles lead the fashion trend and attract the eyes of many consumers in terms of design, color and style. Therefore, some businesses take advantage of consumers' pursuit of brand psychology to produce some imitation brand style ceramic tiles, but the price is only half or one third of the famous brand. Some consumers buy this kind of imitation products because of greed for cheap, but they can't get brand service and quality assurance

4. Price clearly

in some ceramic tile shops, not all goods have a price. Bad businesses often mark only one of the goods with a lower price. When consumers inquire about other goods, they take the opportunity to bid up the price, so that consumers unknowingly fall into the price trap designed by the business

5. Fake origin

in addition to the ceramic tile products produced in this province, the vast majority of ceramic tiles in Fuzhou market are produced in Guangdong. Guangdong products are slightly better in quality, style and brand, and have also been recognized by most consumers. It is by taking advantage of the psychology of consumers that some bad businesses are like “ Eurocode incident ” Similarly, the ceramic tiles that are not made in Guangdong are simply wrapped in the outer packaging made in Guangdong to deceive consumers and seek illegal profits

6. Inflated prices

in many ceramic tile stores, consumers can still bargain with merchants. According to industry insiders, most businesses are now more standardized in pricing, but it is still not ruled out that some businesses falsely raise prices. If they meet inexperienced consumers, they can be fooled. If they meet knowledgeable consumers, they will automatically reduce the price and attract them to buy with a low discount

7. Seamless paving is easy to clean up

brick joints often become difficult to clean up, and over time they are more likely to become places to hide dirt. Some decoration teams should vigorously promote seamless paving in response to this demand, saying that it is an advanced technology, which is not only convenient to clean up, but also has close connection of patterns and beautiful effect. Seamless tiling is just a publicity gimmick. Any object has the phenomenon of thermal expansion and cold contraction, as well as cement and ceramic tiles. A certain gap must be reserved in the paving, but the gap size should be appropriate, which should be determined according to the specification, brand, color, design style and consumer preferences of the brick. It is generally very small and will not affect the paving effect. If no joints are left, the cement and ceramic tiles will expand after being slightly heated, causing deformation and cracking of ceramic tiles

8. Bricks do not break and have high hardness

in order to attract customers, some businesses conduct experiments on site to confirm the hardness of tiles &mdash& mdash; Erect a tile, “ PA ” The tiles were pushed down and fell to the ground, and the tiles were safe, which confirmed the high hardness of the tiles. This is just a marketing method, and there is no scientific basis to prove that this experiment can prove the hardness of ceramic tiles. In fact, all brand tiles won't break when pushed down like this, but as long as you put an item under them, basically all tiles will break, and the experiment itself is meaningless

9. The thicker the ceramic tile, the stronger it is.

some consumers blindly listen to the false propaganda of some businesses and think that the thicker the ceramic tile, the stronger and durable it is. In fact, this is a wrong understanding. Whether the ceramic tile is strong depends on its hardness, which is directly affected by the density of the brick. Therefore, it is not the thicker the ceramic tile, the greater the hardness, but a certain volume of ceramic tile. The greater the weight, the greater the hardness, the stronger the ceramic tile will be

10. The anti-skid effect of polished tiles is poor

the safety and anti-skid effect of floor tiles is very important, especially for families with old people and children. The surface of polished bricks is bright and clean, and many consumers think its anti-skid effect is poor. In case of sprinkling water, it will increase the safety hazard, so they avoid it, so they have to choose “ Light introverted ” Matte tiles. In fact, all polished bricks are anti-skid. If there is soil on the bricks, it will slide, and if there is water, it will be astringent. Therefore, as long as daily cleaning is done well, its anti-skid effect will not be affected. In terms of anti-skid performance, polished tiles are the same as matte tiles

types of ceramic tiles

1. Polished brick

this type of brick is made by pressing the powder of clay and stone, and then firing. The front and back sides have the same color and luster, without glaze. After burning, the surface is polished, so that the front side is very smooth and beautiful, and the back side is the true face of the brick

2. Vitrified brick

vitrified brick is similar to polishing, but it requires higher production requirements, better press, higher density, higher firing temperature, and all porcelain. Suitable for living room, bedroom, aisle, etc

3. Glazed tiles

as the name suggests, the surface is fired with glaze and layered. The main body is divided into clay and porcelain clay. The back of pottery clay fired is red, which is called ceramic tile, and the back of porcelain clay fired is gray white, which is called ceramic tile. Generally, the effect of porcelain clay fired is good, so good bricks are called ceramic tiles instead of ceramic tiles. At present, about 80% of home decoration buyers choose this brick as floor decoration material

4. Antique tiles

antique tiles are imported from abroad and are essentially glazed porcelain tiles. Antique tiles belong to ordinary tiles, which are basically the same as magnetic discs. The so-called antique tiles refer to the effect of tiles, which should be called antique tiles

5. Full body brick

full body brick is a kind of unglazed porcelain brick, and the material and color of the front and back are consistent, with good skid resistance and wear resistance. What we usually say “ Non slip brick ” Most of them are full-length bricks. The scope of application is widely used in halls, corridors, outdoor walkways and other floors, generally less used in walls

6. Mosaic

mosaic is a brick with a special way of existence, which is generally composed of dozens of small bricks to form a relatively large brick. It is mainly divided into ceramic mosaic, marble mosaic and glass mosaic. Scope of application it is widely used in small indoor areas, walls and outdoor walls and floors because of its small size and colorful

editor's summary: that's all about the misunderstanding of ceramic tile purchase and the types of ceramic tiles. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information





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