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What is the reasonable charge for home decoration? Which decoration projects can be saved? Which decoration projects are essential? Recently, the reporter visited a number of decoration companies and some independent decoration foremen to explore the bottom for citizens and friends

Li Qiang, deputy general manager of Beijing jutailong real estate, takes a 100 square meter house as an example. All projects are listed. The half package price is basically between 30000 yuan and 40000 yuan, of which the labor cost accounts for a large part. The half package price includes auxiliary materials and labor cost. Now labor is relatively expensive. The labor cost of a 100 square meter house (including carpentry, bricklaying, hydropower, etc.) is mostly between 15000 yuan and 16000 yuan, No one can save this; Secondly, the price of cement and sand is about 4500 yuan. In addition, there is latex paint. Latex paint for home decoration is generally more expensive. The price of a barrel ranges from 600 yuan to 700 yuan, and it costs about 6 barrels for 100 square meters; Finally, the price of hydropower pipelines also accounts for a large proportion, and the price according to the owner's requirements also varies greatly. Li Qiang said that the all inclusive price is based on the half inclusive price, with decoration projects such as kitchen and bathroom, floor, ceramic tiles, door and window covers added. This price is determined according to the building material brand of which gear the owner chooses. The decoration quotation of the mid-range price of 100 square meters is mostly between 60000 and 70000

Qin Ji'an, director of Jiuchao Decoration Engineering, also believes that the cost of basic decoration is relatively stable. Taking the decoration of 100 square meters of residential buildings as an example, he gives a more detailed price analysis. Houses with more than 100 square meters are mostly two bedrooms and one living room or small three bedrooms, water pipelines are mostly laid from 38 meters to 46 meters, circuit pipelines (including strong and weak electricity) are laid more than 110 meters, and complex ones are generally not more than 130 meters, In addition, the waterproofing of kitchen, bathroom and living balcony is generally about 40 square meters. Water and electricity is the most basic and important part of the cost. In addition, in addition to auxiliary materials, the total decoration price is mainly determined by the brand stalls of the six main materials: door and window covers, bathroom, cabinets, wood floors, ceramic tiles, aluminum gusset ceiling. Generally, the full package price of a 100 square meter house can be controlled within 90000 yuan

Mr. Liu has been engaged in decoration for many years. He has a group of capable workers who have followed him for many years. Most of the work I do is introduced by repeat customers. Everyone is not satisfied with the decoration work, but you can't break your conscience and pass cheap materials off as home decoration materials. If you use the same materials, the management fee of the decoration team will be at least several thousand yuan less than that of the decoration company

◆ don't blindly pursue low-cost decoration. Ask more and know more before decoration.

Mr. Wang, a citizen, signed a full package decoration contract with a decoration company in January 2013, and began to pay according to the contract, paying more than 40000 yuan successively. When the decoration began in June, Mr. Wang found that there was no design drawing, so he contacted the designer. The designer let him see the computer, but what was shown on the computer was not Mr. Wang's house, but the designer said that he would decorate with reference to this. During the decoration, the previously customized doors and window covers could not be installed, and the construction time was delayed again and again. The contract agreed to complete the work within 70 days, but it did not end for half a year. Mr. Wang has consulted with the decoration company for many times, but it has not been resolved. Mr. Wang complained to the Consumer Association. After many times of coordination between the consumer association and the decoration company, the decoration company compensated Mr. Wang more than 8000 yuan

Ms. Li signed a decoration contract with a decoration company last November and paid 6600 yuan, but later the house was refunded for various reasons, but the decoration company has not refunded the advance decoration payment for various reasons. Ms. Wang said that in December 2014, she went to a decoration company to understand the decoration problems. When the house had not been measured and the design drawings had not been issued, the salesperson urged her to sign the contract and paid 20% of the money in advance, which was 8400 yuan. Later, she found that there were many loopholes in the contract, but she was refused a refund for various reasons

in the interview, some citizens said that various decoration traps were impossible to prevent. However, a person who has been engaged in the decoration industry for many years and did not want to be named said that in fact, as long as he had an in-depth understanding of the aspects of decoration before decoration, and knew what standards and styles he wanted to install, many problems could be avoided. The price of decorating a house is basically stable, with only high and low grades, and the price will not change much. Many decoration disputes are caused by consumers' blind pursuit of low prices, so some decoration companies deliberately play word games when signing contracts. For example, cabinets only write the unit price, but the owners know that the price has to be doubled at least during later construction

don't blindly pursue low prices. Before decoration, go more and ask more and know more. First determine whether to find a decoration team or a decoration company. After confirmation, measure the room and issue the design drawing, carefully finalize each item in the quotation, such as how many meters the cabinet needs to be made, how many meters the water circuit needs to go, and remember to write all the brands into the contract, so that the later additions can be controlled




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