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Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of living standards, consumers' requirements for home decoration have also increased, especially for kitchen decoration, which is more comfortable and beautiful; In recent years, open kitchen is popular with consumers because of its fashionable and beautiful design and clever and reasonable space collocation; However, the problem of lampblack has always plagued consumers. China's eating habits are mainly "frying and cooking", and it usually tends to make delicious food with "fierce fire heavy oil"; Heavy seasonings such as "pepper" and "pepper" are "oiled" to fully extract the flavor of seasoning, which is simply a "nightmare" for open kitchen

usually, the open kitchen is connected with all the space sections of the home. In Chinese cooking, the oil temperature is generally about 270 ℃, and the oil smoke is large and the diffusion speed is fast, so the trouble of oil smoke is particularly serious. If there is no chance of a large suction cigarette, the lampblack will roam wantonly in the open space. Over time, the oil will be deposited on the wall, ceiling and cabinet lamp, and the oil on the surface of the home will be sticky, which will not only affect the visual beauty of the home space, but also seriously pollute the home environment and endanger human health. Cohen electric always adheres to the concept of "exquisite technology and easy cooking". Aiming at the pain points of open kitchen, Cohen frequency conversion high suction cloud suction II Series T60, one of the top ten brands of kitchen electricity, is launched to promote the perfect combination of open kitchen and Chinese cooking with "high suction" and "low noise"

Cohen variable frequency high suction cloud suction II Series T60, the top ten brands of kitchen appliances, adopts a unique "wind wheel, high suction" technology. With the high-speed motor rotating at extreme speed, the air volume can quickly reach 21m3/min. At the same time, under the strong pressure difference of unequal turbines, the air pressure can quickly reach the peak value of 400pa. However, when the wind pressure and air volume reach the peak, a small tornado storm can be formed instantly, which can quickly and thoroughly absorb the oil smoke, break through the smoke exhaust resistance, and exhaust the oil smoke smoothly; With the protection of such a small tornado with large wind volume and pressure, users are not afraid of lampblack even when making traditional fried food. In addition to "high suction", Cohen variable frequency high suction cloud suction II Series T60, one of the top ten brands of kitchen appliances, also achieves both high suction and low noise that ordinary cigarette machines cannot achieve. It adopts a fully enclosed variable frequency pure copper motor, which has strong stability, longer service life, low noise ≤ 55dB, does not affect whispering and normal conversation, and does not affect the family living environment

Cohen appliances is always famous for its exquisite technology, presenting high-quality products in front of consumers; Cohen variable frequency high suction cloud suction II T60, one of the top ten brands of kitchen appliances, has successfully solved the incompatibility between open kitchen and Chinese cooking, which can make the perfect integration of open dining environment and Chinese cooking, perfect food space and Chinese delicious food, and make the living standard of tens of millions of families a higher level




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